Brooklands Farm at Parliament

A selection of our school leaders had an opportunity to go to London to visit the Houses of Parliament.

We had a tour around the house of commons and lords. We then had a workshop with another school about how we can get our voice heard.

After the visit to Parliament we walked along Whitehall to see 10 Downing street, the cenotaph and horse guards parade.

We went to the National Gallery to see Brooklands Farm’s art on display!

Then as a special surprise we saw the cast of The Phantom of the Opera rehearse on stage for their West End Live performance.

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I am pleased to announce our children as leaders at Countess Way.

We will be updating this list as we recruit more leaders in our school.



Playground Leaders:

Alex (year 1)

Salmo (year 3)



Lead Learners:

Michael (year 4)



School Councillors:

Stephanie (year 4)

Anantajit (year 4)

Sachiel (year 4)



Restorative Practice:

Lolah (year 4)

Em-Jaye (year 3)

Ben (year 3)



Anti-Bullying Ambassadors:



Children as Leaders Fen Street

I would like to say a huge thank you and well done to everyone who wrote a letter of application and attended interviews for leadership roles. Every candidate has been successful and we have been able to create amazing teams of leaders. The follow children are our leaders for the year:

Playground Leaders

Mathys (Year 2)

Samuel C (Year 2)

Julius (Year 2)

Kenzo (Year 3)

Anti-bullying ambassadors

Reece (Year 3)

Solomon (Year 4)

Dijon (Year 1)

Valisha (Year 6)

Manahil (Year 6)

Maheen (Year 6)

Ethan P (Year 2)

Joshua (Year 5)

Emily (Year 6)

School Council

Ashlay (Year 5)

Thara (Year 4)

Inshirah (Year 5)

Amelia (Year 5)

Cenyujia (Year 6)

Muhammad (Year 5)

Oli (Year 5)

Anaiya (Year 5)

Oliver F (Year 4)

Tom (Year 6)

Olivia (Year 6)

Lachel (Year 6)

Tiya (Year 5)

Ali-Hasan (Year 4)

Hope (Year 3)

Corridor Monitors

Ayomide (Year 3)

Vihaan (Year 4)

Loveleen (Year 4)

Rania (Year 1)

Yash (Year 4)

Martha (Year 3)

Jack (Year 6)

Fatuma (Year 5)

Lachel (Year 6)

Restorative Justice Leaders

Terell (Year 5)

Rameen (Year 5)

Alex (Year 5)

Katie (Year 5)

Ameera (Year 5)

Destiny (Year 4)

Martyna (Year 2)

Zahraa (Year 2)

Imogen (Year 4)

Lily (Year 4)

Natalia (Year 5)

Aaliyah (Year 6)

Maryam (Year 3)

Lead Learners

Sarah (Year 6)

Alyssa (Year 4)

Kshitij Dubey (Year 2)

Aleksandra (Year 3)

Elizabeth (Year 3)