Latest Pin/Ribbon Achievements

Please arrange a date for pin assembly with your child’s class teacher if you have not already done so.  There will be no pin assemblies held on Tuesday mornings to allow for Tell Me Tuesday to take place.  Please drop off your child as normal and then make your way to Reception to sign in where your child will then come to greet you.

Foundation 2:

Gold Pin 

Pink Pin

Elijah, Enea

Pink Ribbon

Year 1:

Gold Pin 

Orange Pin 

Orange Ribbon 

Year 2:

Gold Pin 

Blue Pin

Blue Ribbon 

Year 3:

Gold Pin 

Green Pin 

Green Ribbon

Year 4:

Gold Pin 

Yellow Pin 

Yellow Ribbon 

Year 5:

Gold Pin 

Purple Pin 

Purple Ribbon 

Year 6:

Gold Pin 

Red Pin

Red Ribbon