EAL- Brooklands farm EAL Teaching and learning?

Quality first class teaching which includes:

  1. Visual Aids
  2. A clear strong ethos of ‘OPEN GROW BELIEVE’
  3. Collaboration
  4. Project work
  5. Ignites
  6. Working walls
  7. Foundation Parliament Time and Learning through key interests
  8. Well-being and Involvement
  9. Protective Hands
  10. Visual Success Criteria
  11. Talking trios
  12. Pins and Ribbons
  13. Working with parents/ Building a community
  14. Effective teaching ideas
  15. Festivals
  16. Parent Groups and support
  17. Personalising children’s learning journeys
  18. Peer marking (Green and Gold)
  19. Teacher and pupil conferences
  20. Reading buddies
  21. Real Life Artefacts
  22. End of year standard shared
  23. SINGING!
  24. Check in and Check out circles

EAL-Pictures of Brooklands Farm teaching and learning

Year 1

Here is a good example of a maths working wall. The learning objective is broken down in steps that are visual. This is drawn up with the children, There is maths vocabulary and a ladder so the children are in control of their learning.