Weaving a learning journey at Brooklands Farm

Over the last 12 years we have grown rapidly from 49 pupils to 1300. We have opened 2 school sites in one geographical area. Our motivation was unique and was driven by the belief that - 

  • Every child should come to their local school as this builds an inclusive community¬†
  • One platform from which to deliver quality education would make us more accountable as every child has a right to achieve.¬†
  • We could share expertise, collaborate across a geographical area making our teaching dynamic.¬†
  • We could weave a curriculum that reflected the whole community as it grew. Ensuring the community owned the successes of the school.¬†

But our strongest passion was that if we built a community that knew each other then its children would be protected and safer. 

Over the ten years a truly global community has emerged.  A community that is motivated to work in partnership with the school as they want both their children to thrive and the area they live to be prosperous. The community have come together to build a curriculum that is vibrant and includes - 

  • Projects with business giving real purpose to our learning - Volkswagen¬†
  • Projects that bring the community together - Brookfest and Brookmas¬†¬†
  • Projects that focus on children‚Äôs leadership and being the difference they want to be in their community.¬†

The next ten years will now be about nurturing the seeds that were planted in the first 10 years to grow and build strong roots. We believe that our curriculum will be shaped by the challenges the community faces economically, socially and sustainably. On every child’s book you will see the quote - 


How we organise ourselves

Relationships are critical to our school.¬† We knew that when we became ‚Äėone community, one school, one plan for success‚Äô that we also needed to protect relationships.

We therefore developed the concept of ‚Äėsmall schools within a large organisation‚Äô.¬† We have four small schools on each site:

Early Years School

Infant School

Lower Junior School

Upper Junior School

Each small school has their own outdoor play space, their own meeting place/central learning space, as well as their own entrance and exit.  The provides each small school with an identity, routines and rituals important to that age group.

To support the development of relationships each small school has a leader who oversees 180 children, 6 teachers and 180 families.  This leader is able to make decisions and changes in real time to ensure the well being and cognitive outcomes for their small school.

Senior leaders and curriculum leaders then work across the two schools ensuring continuity of the offer each child gets and ensure accountability across the school.

We adore children at this school.  We believe they are strong and powerful and they can be the difference we need to see in the world.  In our school we are not just preparing children to be active citizens of the future; we also recognise the steps they take along this journey.  We celebrate each year group with a word that describes the challenges they face on this journey.