Parents Role In Learning

At Brooklands Farm Primary school we believe parents are our partners. We believe that together we create a team around your child to ensure they thrive. Assessment mornings are a time when you are invited into the classroom to co write a ‘grow plan’ with the teacher and your child. We believe children should own their learning journey as this supports their mental health, motivation to learn and a sense of achievement when they do. As adults we provide the pathway to success-  

Step 1. What is my reality?

Step 2. What would I like to achieve or what do I need to achieve?

Step 3. What are the options I have for achieving? 

Step 4. My plan 

The Grow Plan video is here.  The presentation ‘Using a GROW plan to set goals with children’ is here.

Parents are the main educators of their children. It is important that as a school we provide you with the knowledge your child will be learning in school each term. We have included knowledge organisers to support you. An organiser can be used to discuss and engage your child with the knowledge they are learning in school. They create a tool for talk, to play games to ensure the knowledge is being remembered and to support your child to revise and prepare for learning in school. 

Knowledge organisers are particularly important in this school as learners come from all over the world to join us and may therefore have differing gaps in their knowledge. By creating discussions at home, researching together and stimulating an interest parents will be able to support knowledge gaps that appear. 

The Knowledge Organisers for each year group are here. 

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6