Weaving a personal journey at Brooklands Farm

”We strive to help children understand themselves as individuals, giving them the tools in life to be the best they can be and be the difference they want to be in the world.”

Here at Brooklands Farm Primary School, this is our goal for all of our children by the time they end their primary journey with us. 

At Brooklands we weave personal development through all we do. This includes our behaviour, inclusion and curriculum strands. Children are taught through our modelling of the behaviour policy to understand and regulate their emotions and behaviours so that they are morally, socially and equipped to take their place as responsible citizens in society.  Our ethos embodies our values and beliefs. We encourage the children to show truth and honesty and behave with integrity. We role model and embed this through restorative practices. We aim to provide students, staff and parents/carers with clearly understood guidelines and strategies to promote positive behaviour and to support students in taking responsibility for their behaviour choices. 

The curriculum at Brooklands Farm is designed to support the development of the whole child. We strive to help children understand themselves as individuals. At Brooklands Farm, the curriculum has been developed to ensure that the new strands of our weaving thread, personal, social and emotional development, are being weaved through every child’s learning journey during their time at Brooklands Farm. Our school ethos embodies the positive behaviours we expect to see at Brooklands, in all areas of school life. As part of the personal curriculum, we use the SMSC targets throughout aspects of the curriculum. In some cases, these are embedded into teaching within areas of the curriculum as well as using these in circles, through target cards and whole school projects. Our ethos is woven throughout our curriculum, check in circles and well being language. 

  • Open; your heart, mind, eyes, ears and dialogue
  • Grow; your talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge and relationships
  • Believe; I can, you can, we can…



At Brooklands Farm we offer assemblies across year groups, phases and the whole school community to reflect our school ethos, current affairs and community needs. 

School ethos includes open, grow and believe, growth mindset, UN rights of children. Current affairs link to national and global charity days and awareness days which support our Brooklands’ personal journey. 

Target Cards & Pin Assemblies

Target cards are part of our Social and Emotional curriculum. Our target cards are developmental and build progressively each year and has a word and colour linked to it. These have been carefully selected based on the social and emotional states which they experience as they progress up the school. There are 3 target cards per year group. During the Autumn term, children can achieve their year group pin. In the Spring and Summer, the children can complete the two additional target cards and be awarded a ribbon to hang on their pin. Each target card has statements which the children must demonstrate in order to receive a tick. Once the card is complete, pins/ribbons are awarded in an assembly which the parents are invited to attend. We encourage parents to work in partnership with us at this stage so that we can celebrate success – it is a time where the class, school staff and parents can share why they think the child has met their year group targets.

As a growing school, lots of children join us mid year. All children first arriving at Brooklands Farm are given a gold Open, Grow, Believe target card. This helps their transition, social and emotional development at a time of change and uncertainty. It also helps them to understand the values and behaviours that are expected of all children at Brooklands Farm. All children are set a target to achieve their gold target card and be awarded with their pin within their first six weeks at Brooklands Farm.