Group 1&2 began the day by conquering their fears and scaling the rock climbing wall; we were so impressed with their resilience and determination! The adventure pits then had us having lots of fun in the mud. After our lunch, we ventured down to the river to test our hand at raft building! Our group has shown so much belief today – well done Group 1&2!

Group 3&4 have had a very wet and muddy day today but filled with lots of laughter! We started off the day raft building and ended it walking the plank. A bike ride through the grounds saw lots of us showing resilience as this was quite a challenge for our group! We are very excited for the movie night this evening!

Groups 5 & 6 got off to a flying start as we zoomed off the top of the high ropes tower on the zipline. We then went on to get very wet and muddy as we trusted our friends to guide us over a swamp whilst we were blindfolded. After a lovely lunch we went to archery, this was a challenge but we had so much fun! Now we’re looking forward to chilling out with our friends for movie night.

Group 7&8 have really grown their teamwork today. They have faced challenges they didn’t think they could do and have loved every second! We biked around the centre, played team games and reached for the stars on aerial adventure, leap of faith and the zip line! We couldn’t be prouder of the children!

Group 9 have aced their skills in archery followed by a muddy session in the mud pits. Their ability to communicate as a team was tested in raft building where some got very wet, especially Mrs Morrison!

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