Good websites and EAL PARENT SUPPORT


Information for parents

  • Excellent site for standard letters for parents translated into a wide range of languages
  •  a DfES website that provides leaflets and information about the English education system available in 14 different languages Useful websites for new arrivals – includes bilingual resources
  • This is the EAL website for Bracknell Forest. It features advice from the EAL Handbook as well as links to the best websites for resources, translations etc.
  •  information about education systems within Europe • – This BBC website features information about and courses on European languages. Go to the page to see and hear a few common words and phrases in 36 languages. Very useful if you want the class to learn welcoming phrases before a new pupil arrives.
  •  On this page BBC World Service produce Polish/English content for people trying to learn English. Mainly suitable for Polish pupils who are beginners at Secondary schools.
  • This award winning primary school website features 28 languages with more to come. Suitable for an interactive whiteboard as well as individual use. It covers useful words and phrases, resource packs and sound files for teachers who want to focus on a language of the month with their classrooms. • : offers downloadable worksheets in seven languages, e.g. Portuguese, Spanish. Particularly good for material suited to the EAL beginner.


  • downloadable material for use with Clicker5, ClozePro and Wordbar
  • Becta’s free resources such as sheets with common ICT terms and computer-related phrases translated from English into other languages. Sheets with drawings of science equipment and safety rules are also available in many languages.

Other translation websites

  • an excellent translation site providing on line dictionaries. On line text and web page translation available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian. Translation service available for a much broader range of languages.
  • offers instant translation into many languages • – free on-line dictionaries and translation. Available in Polish, Slovenian, German, Catalan, Russian, Italian and Turkish.
  • allows you to locate printed material in a broad range of languages with a subject search facility.

Useful for set texts and involving the class in the pupil’s language which may be downloaded and translated using:

www.itool webpage translator

English games and stories

  • Games on a variety of basic vocabulary. Click on ‘topics’ and choose ‘games’. Try ‘paint it’ as well as others.
  •  A variety of activities and games on page titled ‘Interesting things for ESL students’. Try ‘Football Quiz’, ‘Scrambled sentences’. • More suitable for older pupils – provides quizzes on many grammar topics.
  • This site offers different stories with cartoons which you can listen to and read at the same time. Many stories are interactive.