Year 5 homework

Year 5 have had a great week settling in to their new classes for maths and reading/grammar, it has been wonderful to see high learning zones and open mindsets.


Please find attached the year 5 homework for this week. The homework is due in for Thursday next week.


Have a great weekend!

Miss Downey, Mrs Forbes, Miss Hearn and Mr Kerin

Year 5 team

Year 5 Individual Homework

Due in Thursday 21st September



This week in project we have been connecting our knowledge of the Titanic to our writing in literacy. We are practising our writing skills and applying these to an information text about the Titanic (thank you for working so hard on finding facts for last week’s homework – they have been really useful!). Please can you practise these speed words for your homework this week.


Success Criteria

  • Use your different methods to practise the spellings
  • Remember which words are proper nouns and need capital letters


unsinkable Titanic magnificent
disappear iceberg additionally
although crew capacity
cruise facilities extraordinary



We have been looking at expression in reading over the past two weeks and how we can make our reading sound more exciting. Please watch the clip of Michael Rosen reading his famous ‘chocolate cake’ poem with expression. Your task is to use his technique to practise reading a part of the same poem out loud to someone else using your expression skills you have been working on.


Success Criteria

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Facial expression
  • Small actions
  • Accents




Chocolate Cake – Poem by Michael Rosen

I love chocolate cake.

And when I was a boy

I loved it even more.


Sometimes we used to have it for tea

and Mum used to say,

‘If there’s any left over

you can have it to take to school

tomorrow to have at playtime.’

And the next day I would take it to school

wrapped up in tin foil

open it up at playtime

and sit in the corner of the playground

eating it,

you know how the icing on top

is all shiny and it cracks as you

bite into it,

and there’s that other kind of icing in

the middle

and it sticks to your hands and you

can lick your fingers

and lick your lips

oh it’s lovely.





Please log on to your Mathletics account and complete the activity that has been set for you.

Year 5 Homework

Homework Due in: Wednesday 13th September 2017


This week we would like you to find out interesting facts about the Titanic. You may choose to find general facts or focus on a specific area such as structure or passengers. Please record your facts in your own words.


There is also a place value activity on Mathletics for you to complete.


Have a good weekend!

Year 5 team

Summer homework

Here is the summer reading, maths and spelling homework to complete over the holidays. Please bring it in on the first Wednesday in September.

Thank you

Year 5 Team


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5D home learning

Next week is Sports Week!

Please be reminded that you will need to wear clothes suitable for sports and lots of activity (no jeans) all week – Sports Day colours on Tuesday please.

As part of Sports Week next week, you will be learning about why athletes’ careers typically end a lot sooner than most other careers. In preparation for this, please collect research about a well-known athlete. You will need to include:

  • What sport(s) they play professionally,
  • Any information about their fitness and training regime that you can find,
  • Information about the length of the athlete’s career.

You may present your research in a form of your choice, as long as it is presented clearly and to the year group standard.

Sports Week begins on Monday but you have until Wednesday to complete this task. Don’t forget that you need to aim for 60 mins of daily reading and at least 20 mins of Mathletics.

Have a lovely weekend.

Y5 Fen Street Homework

Individual home learning


Next week, it our whole school Sports Week, which we are very excited about. As part of preparing for this, we would like you to focus on it for your homework.


  1. Next week, you are permitted to wear sportswear for the week. Your PE kits are coming home so that you can wear these for some of the time. Please make sure you are prepared for this and come to school ready to get active!
  2. We are raising money over the week for some new sports equipment for the school. Year 5 have the challenge of counting our steps, as a year group, and seeing how many times we can walk up and down Mount Everest! Please ask people to sponsor you for this challenge.
  3. In year five, we are going to be focusing on why athletes retire earlier than most other jobs. We would like you to find out two famous athletes (this can be from any sport of your choice). One of them must be someone who you admire, who is currently still competing in their sport. The other must be someone who has retired from the sport.

Questions to help your research:

  • Find out basic facts about them (name, date of birth, sport that they are competing in)
  • If they are retired, what made them retire? Was it choice? Was there a reason?
  • Nutrition – what do they eat to stay fit?
  • Health – how do they maintain their fitness? What is their daily routine?
  • What are they particularly famous for?

Please bring your research with you next week, ready for Sports Week.


We are really looking forward to challenging ourselves and working together next week.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs Forbes, Mr Stott, Miss Downey and Mr Peters



All children in Year 1 – Year 6 have access to a learning website called ‘Mathletics’. Many children are already using this website both in and outside of school to consolidate the learning they do in the classroom. The children particularly enjoy ‘Live Mathletics’, where they can compete against their friends and improve their recall of number facts such as times tables.

Today Mathletics is updating its website so that it is more ‘user friendly’. Please encourage your child/children to log on to Mathletics and explore the new layout. If they get more than 1000 points in a week, they will even receive a certificate! In the past month, 200 certificates have been achieved by Brooklands Farm children! Let’s see if there can be even more this month!

If you have any queries about using Mathletics, please ask your child’s class teacher.

Good luck!

Y5 Fen Street Half Term Homework

Individual Half-term holiday home learning




Over the holidays, please can you create a storyboard of our visit to Warner Bros Studio tour. Think about the order in which we saw all of the different exhibits and the highlights of your day. It will need to be detailed as you will be writing a recount of the day after half term. Think carefully about what content is appropriate for a recount and what information does not need to be included.




Please complete an activity to do with measuring with your family. Take a picture or write an account of what you did to share on the first day back.

This could be:

  • Measuring the length and width of your garden accurately (in m and cm) and then calculating the perimeter (the total distance around the outside)
  • Bake a cake using g and kg
  • Create a summer drink for your family, measuring the different amounts of ingredients in ml and L.
  • Finding out the distance between your house and Brooklands Farm School (in m/km)
  • Compare the different heights of people in your house (in m and cm)
  • Write a diary of the activities that you do in the day, calculating the time it took to do each activity and recording the time you started the activity.


Please continue to use Mathletics and Hit the button over the half term as well.


Well done for all of your hard work over this half term. Enjoy a well earned rest over the next week.


Mrs Forbes, Miss Downey, Mr Stott and Mr Peters

5D home learning

Brookfest is 10th June! Your home learning over half term is:

  • Make sure your family knows about Brookfest and ask them to come!
  • Ask your parent to sign and return a slip if they can help on the year five coconut shy at some point during the day of Brookfest
  • Keep practising your songs:
    • We Are Giants – Take That
    • The Greatest – Sia
    • Titanium – David Guetta (stop after 2nd chorus, roughly 2:45)

As no other tasks are being set, it is the expectation that these tasks are completed by everybody. If your families are not able to help/ come to Brookfest, they still need to return the letter. Your letter is being sent home with you on Friday.

Have a fun and musical half term!


5D home learning

This week in 5D, we have begun our recount writing learning journey, following our trip to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (photos coming soon!).

As a class, we created a detailed list of criteria required for each of the three components of a recount: introduction, main body and conclusion; and paired these criteria with successful examples from some supplementary literature.

This week for home learning, we would like to you to collect different types of recounts to bring to school. Throughout the week, beginning on Monday, we will be comparing these recount types to our recount features criteria and selecting successful examples to add to our supplementary literature bank.  These will be very helpful to us, when we are writing.

Types of recounts to look for:

  • a write-up of a trip or activity
  • an account of something that happened in history
  • a newspaper article about something that happened
  • a letter to tell someone about an event
  • a diary or a blog
  • an encyclopedia entry
  •  a biography or autobiography
  • an account of a science experiment

We would like recount types to start arriving in school on Monday but are happy for them to continue arriving until Wednesday.  It is important that everyone brings at least one as we will be using them all week. Please try to be creative with the examples that you bring to school. We would like to have a broad and varied sample of supplementary literature.

Please also remember that daily reading and using Mathletics at least three times a week is an expectation of year 5.

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Snowdon and Miss Sheppard

5D home learning

On Tuesday 16th May, we are going to the Warner Brothers Studio tour! Hooray!

Please arrive to school at normal time, in uniform and with a packed lunch (named).


During the trip, we’ll be learning about how the film makers created the ‘magic’ that we see on screen.  We would like you to do some self study into mechanisms and moving parts. The aim is for you to familiarise yourself with these, how they work, how they are assembled and key words. You will be spotting as many of these mechanisms as possible during the day of the trip and will also connect this to making your own miniature moving models as part of your project outcome.

Use the link below to help


Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Snowdon and Miss Sheppard