Countess Way Year 6 home learning, due for Monday 27th November.

Last week, we began learning about recount writing for Project, to produce a recount piece about the ignite day we had on Fen Street back in September.

Please write your first draft of your ignite recount for home learning, to be in school for Monday. It is very important that everyone has a first draft in school for Monday morning, as we will be re-drafting these in class on Monday and Tuesday, to then hot task on Wednesday. This writing is going to be part of your SATs writing evidence. It is crucial that you can use lessons on Monday and Tuesday for re-drafting, rather than writing a first draft!

Please do use some time over lunch time today and tomorrow to make a start. This is highly recommended, as you will be able to see the working wall and all of the learning we have done so far. We also lots of recount examples in class to help you!

SC – Your recount needs:
– to be able to the events of the Codebreakers ignite day on Fen Street
– written in the past tense
– written in the first person
-interesting details of the day
– to include direct (speech marks) and indirect quotes
– clear paragraphs:
1) introduction: who? what? where? when? why?
2) Main body paragraphs (max of 3): detailed descriptions of events and tasks. Concentrate on how everyone felt doing it.
3) Conclusion: refer back to the introduction and the overall impression of the day.

You can either type your recount and email it to me or you can write it in your home learning book.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.
Miss Snowdon

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