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  1. Melissa McDonald


    My son will be starting in Sept 2016 and I am starting numbers and letters with him to get him prepared. Can you tell me if you teach letters phonetically or otherwise?

    Kind regards

    • Miss H Jasper

      Hi Melissa,

      If you go to ‘Children’ on the navigation bar above then follow the links to ‘Class pages’-‘Foundation Stage’ then ‘Foundation Stage Curriculum’ and finally ‘How to guides’. You will find some guidance to our phonics, reading, writing and maths teaching.

      It’s great that you are so enthusiastic to start your son on his learning journey.

      The first step to successful reading and writing is being able to hear the sounds in words. Have a go at matching objects to the verbal sounds that you make e.g. ‘e’ – egg or ‘c’ – car.

      I hope this helps!

      Keep in touch!

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