Internet Safety Day

Year 2 had an exciting afternoon this week learning about internet safety. They were able to discuss and find lots of solutions to any problems they may have when using the internet. The children then made a jigsaw to share one way we can stay safe on the internet. We have connected all the pieces together as shown in the pictures below. 


Year One have been exploring algorithms (a set of instructions) in computing. 1b were given the task of writing a set of instructions for someone who had never made a cup of squash before. The children soon realised that they needed to be really clear and precise with the algorithms when Miss Pinder nearly poured the whole bottle of squash into the cup!


Year 4 Computing at Brooklands Farm

This half term, Year 4 have been investigating and beginning to understand what computing is all about.

We looked at how important giving accurate and precise instructions is, in order to create effective processes for a computer to follow. We made messy Jam Sandwiches and followed instructions to make our way through an obstacle course!

We had a go at Hour of Code, with many children enjoying the learning so much that they had a go at home! This was an excellent opportunity for the children to practice their teamwork skills, sharing the iPads in groups.

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Literacy and computing in 1b

We have been very busy across Year One, working on our new text ‘You Choose’ by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt in Literacy. The book questions the children on topics such as where they’d like to visit and what they’d like to eat. Here are 1b being question Kings and Queens, looking closely at what makes a question and the big questions we would love to ask!

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In computing we have been working on programming algorithms, here are the children following their own instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.

Computing week!

This week in Year two we have been learning how to program a computer using an obstacle course and how to become a code breaker! The children really enjoyed trying to crack each other’s codes! Here are some photos of their high learning zones!