Group 1 started the day climbing and showed amazing determination and resilience to push themselves as far as they could go! This afternoon they worked together to build a raft and managed to paddle their way up and down the river before having a slightly chilly dip in the water!

Group 2 started off today climbing and persevered even when they found the new heights challenging they really encouraged and supported each other as a team. They then went onto raft building- showing strong communication skills to build the raft itself and then paddle down the river and some even went for a swim!

Group 3 has been raft building – working together to build a raft and then paddle across the river on it! We were then able to swim in the river. Alyssa said “It was freezing, splashy, crazy and fantastic! My favourite part was riding on the raft.”

Group 4 have been building a raft this morning where there was a lot of team effort involved and supporting each other when travelling through the water. After lunch they took part in mountain biking where there was a lot of bravery involved biking through the hills and the children thought it was “Amazing and fun”.

Group 5 have been doing the high ropes and zip wire this morning: lots of bravery and overcoming fears and supporting everyone with cheering each other on no matter how high people went. Quote from a child going down the zip wire “ Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” We also did walk the plank: Erin and Georgios giggled the whole time!

Group 6 have demonstrated major resilience and determination over the last two days. Today they have been ziplining and partaking in archery, but the major challenges came from the ‘walk the plank’ activity. The children found this trust exercise incredibly daunting, and were apprehensive when getting started. Nevertheless, although some groups struggled, their resolve was admirable – never once getting angry with one another! Well done team 6.  

Group 7 have been doing biking, high ropes and zip lining this morning! Every single child has been pushing and challenging themselves with a huge ‘gotcha smile’ on their face! Kai said “ Everything is amazing, I loved zip lining!” 

Group 8 started with biking this morning which they really enjoyed (even with all the hills)! They then adventured onto the high ropes and zip wire which was extremely challenging for some in the group but everyone persevered and gave it a go. They then went to the adventure pits where they all had fun in the mud and it was a really good bonding experience for the group. They left having laughed very hard!

Group 9 started the day with archery and they were brilliant. Most of them were convinced it was something they couldn’t do but they all encouraged each other and were all able to hit the targets. After lunch it was time for raft building, this pushed a lot of boundaries for many of them. They worked well as a team to come up with different ideas of how to build their raft and luckily it didn’t fall apart with us on it but some chose to go for a swim in the river at the end.

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