Welcome to the learning platform section of our website. This provides you with the full curriculum offer at our school.  Each year group and subject has a planned google site so that teachers and pupils can be guided through sequential learning journeys. These sites support teachers to plan a full curriculum that is consistent across the school and offers breadth and depth to learners within the Blooms framework. 

Each year group has a teacher who works in a subject team to ensure the knowledge that they have about teaching that age group is cross referenced with the subject knowledge each child must know and remember. 

The Teacher list is here.

Teachers like the sites as in primary schools they teach many subjects and need detailed knowledge if they are to be outstanding teachers of each subject. This becomes harder the further through the primary years the children travel.  By year 5 many lessons are taught by specialist teachers. 

Each google site follows the same format for ease of use. 

  1. Knowledge log – What a child must learn this term within a subject 
  2. Ignite – A memorable hook into a subject 
  3. Common misconceptions 
  4. Sequenced lessons 
  5. Voyager/ Create tasks to challenge learners
  6. A space to share learning  

Teachers risk assess the delivery of their subjects each week ensuring depth and coverage. They use quiz data from the children to inform their planning, ensuring children know more and can remember more. 

Children and teachers are asked regularly during ‘Tell Me Tuesday’ about the content of their subjects and if they enjoy learning in that subject. This information is passed to subject teams to ensure google sites are dynamic and getting stronger and stronger.  


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