Listening Project

At Brooklands Farm we believe that listening to the views of others is important.  We are working closely with other schools through Citizens MK. This is a growing alliance of community groups – churches, mosques, schools, unions and community associations – that will work together for a better Milton Keynes.

Using the methods of community organising, our goal is to build a powerful civil society alliance that will work with the other sectors of society on the common good of Milton Keynes. This is extremely important to us as we believe in the Brooklands community and want to achieve the best to provide a safe and supportive environment to all families.

We launched our listening campaign in November 2013 at the lantern festival. Since we have been to many conferences and ignited ‘Tell Me Tuesdays’ in school. This is where each child has an small assembly with a lead learner, they discuss one topic per week and state their views and offer suggestions for future improvement.

We strongly believe that every voice is important and that together we can make a brighter future for the local community.

CitizenMK Delegates Conference 24 - webby 


CitizenMK Delegates Conference 05 - webby1

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