Brooklands Farm Primary School Pupil Agreement

Home School Agreement for :____________________________________

As a pupil I will:

Open my heart, Grow my learning Believe in myself and be honest

Come to school every day, be ready to learn and be on time.

Keep the school rules, behave well and be polite and helpful to other pupils and grown-ups.

Take responsibility for my actions and will know how to self-regulate my behaviour.

Report all incidences of behaviour that do not meet with the school rules to an adult.

Be open to listening to other points of view.

Take notice of others wellbeing and be proactive in checking others.

Act as a collegiate community member by using Stop, Think, Be responsible.

Ask the teacher, or someone at home, if I find my work hard.
Talk at home about what I learn at school.

Read my books regularly to someone at home.

Do all of my homework and catch up with any work that I have missed.

Wear school uniform and follow the dress code.

If I am unhappy I will see my class teacher



July 2014

Brooklands Farm Primary School Parents Agreement

Home School Agreement for :____________________________________

As a Parent I will

Make sure that my child attends school every day in term time and inform the school promptly of the reason for any absence.

Make sure that they arrive in school and are collected on time.

Work with the school to ensure that my child behaves well. Providing a one voice approach between home and school eg we both give the same message.

Work together with school to ensure my child is able to self-regulate their behaviour and take responsibility for their actions. When issues occur I will work with the school to personalise the plan my child needs to succeed.

Listen to my child read regularly and Support and encourage my child to work hard.

Attend parents’ evenings and other meetings to discuss my child’s progress at school.

Ensure that my child wears the school colours and follows the school dress code.

Act as a collegiate community member ensuring the school rules are upheld within the school and wider community.

Create real and reciprocal relationships.

Prevent all forms of bullying

Let the school know if there are any problems that may affect my child’s ability to learn.

July 2014

Brooklands Farm Primary School School Agreement

As a School we will:

Ensure your child’s physical and social well-being at all times, helping them to grow feelings of confidence, self-worth and belonging.

Welcome you into the life of the school and keep you informed about policies, guidelines on behaviour and general school matters.

Make time to listen to you and to discuss your child’s progress and to share any concerns.

Create real reciprocal relationships.

Deliver a balanced and carefully planned curriculum which meets the needs of your individual child.

Provide a range of after school extra-curricular activities designed to enrich your child’s learning journey.

Ensure that all teaching staff are up to date on important educational developments and initiatives.

Contact you as soon as possible if we are concerned about your child’s work, behaviour or attendance.

Prevent all forms of bullying.

Have a determination to resolve conflict through restorative practise.


Miss M Low Headteacher



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