Behaviour at Brooklands Farm

”We strive to help children understand themselves as individuals, giving them the tools in life to be the best they can be and be the difference they want to be in the world.”

Here at Brooklands Farm Primary School, this is our goal for all of our children by the time they end their primary journey with us. 

Evidence and research really has informed our philosophy, vision and ethos. Theorists are interwoven throughout our behaviour policy and these are reflected in our daily practices. Our behaviour policy is underpinned by our high expectations and positive praise. The freedom within this framework ensures that children succeed, no matter what their starting points are.

Putting data into children’s hands is crucial to success. Children own their learning journeys and are the most important factor when planning for change. We want children to know their strengths and we want children to know how they can be the best that they can be, driving any changes linked to patterns, trends and triggers that we are able to identify together. There is a culture of shared accountability from all stakeholders to ensure every child succeeds.

Relationships are fundamental to absolutely everything that we do. This is driven by our listening policy, our ability and perseverance to understand children as unique individuals and the determination to continually adapt provision until we see consistent success.

We want to empower our children to become strong and powerful. We know that children have truly amazing talents, strengths, voices and opinions that should be heard. Our target card and pin curriculum is a developmental and age appropriate structure that is research informed. It provides teachers and children with a platform to work in partnership to explore, understand and learn different behaviours and attitudes. Each year group has 3 target cards that children transition through. These are informed by age appropriate behaviours, social and emotional behaviours and research linked to how the brain works.  We expect children to own these statements and behaviours and celebrate success when these become embedded. It is paramount that parents are present when a pin is awarded so parents can see the fantastic contribution their child makes to their class and school life.

Every child is incredible and we want to support them to be the difference they want to be in the world.