Behaviour at Brooklands Farm

At Brooklands Farm we are committed to providing a secure and safe environment for the development of children so that they are morally, socially and equipped to take their place as responsible citizens in society.  

Our school ethos is Open, Grow, Believe and we share this with the children on a daily basis. This embodies our values and beliefs. We encourage the children to show truth and honesty and behave with integrity. We role model and embed this through restorative practices. 

Our Behaviour Policy aims to provide students, staff and parents/carers with clearly understood guidelines and strategies to promote positive behaviour and to support students in taking responsibility for their behaviour choices. We do however recognise the need for a degree of flexibility when faced with behavioural diversity in school and accept that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not be sufficient.

Effective behaviour systems are apparent when all staff are consistent in their management of students and work well together to support each other. Our policy promotes an approach which as well as describing some absolute rules and guidelines, also allows for the different styles that staff will use along with recognising the complexity of situations they have to handle.

As well as using a behaviour system to track children’s behaviour, we recognise the diversity in behaviour management styles used by teachers and the differences in behaviour challenges that can be presented by children. Behaviour is never somebody else’s responsibility.