Wow! What a start to a Tuesday morning. John from Skip2bfit has us working hard. Our challenge was to skip continuously for two minutes (!) to music. This was a true test of our resilience, perseverance as well as cardio strength. After two minutes we checked our skip count and had a 1 minute break. Promoting a growth mindset, the only person we had to beat was ourselves!  No- “I’ll never beat that score” or ” I can’t do this again” but we are saying “I’ll give it my best” or ” I will beat my score!” So, we skipped for another two minutes and were amazed with how much progress we made! We had great fun practising and showed determination and focus to beat our own scores.

We aim to carry on Skip2bfit in our classes so we can keep getting personal bests! John also, very kindly, gave us each a box of blueberries as a healthy snack to enjoy. Keep remembering to reuse and recycle that plastic box- you can keep bringing it back to school with raisins, grapes or even more blueberries. There is a prize for the child who keeps reusing their box the longest!



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