Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Year 1 is a particularly hard year for children as they move from a play based foundation curriculum into a skill based curriculum where children will have to learn how to read, write, spell, count and manipulate numbers.


Equally, Year 1 children have to learn how to maintain a good disposition to learn.  They will have to learn how to independently stay on task and complete learning activities.  They will need to learn behaviour expectations within this new context and often get it wrong.  They are still young and emotionally have only recently stepped away from their home environment.  They need their parent to trust their teacher implicitly.  They will be very tired, at times anxious about new experiences and lack confidence and resilience to keep pace with the school day.


Whilst parents are anxious about homework please keep it short and sweet with lots of practice reading, recalling phonics and spelling.  Year 1 children need their parents to know life is hard for them and therefore cuddle, laugh and praise lots.


Friendships in Year 1 do not emerge until perhaps the end of the year.  They try to work relationships out in this year group learning how to play collaboratively.  A lot of falling out occurs!  As parents please do not get involved but report it to the class teacher.  Your partnership needs to be strong to navigate your child’s year carefully.


At our school we therefore label this year group ‘Determined’.  Their colour is Orange and together we will support your child to ‘never give up’.

  1. Deborah Allen

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am interested in sending my Son to your school in September 2016. Can my Husband come along for a visit or do you have an open day coming up soon?

    Kind Regards
    Deborah Allen

  2. Vikki Hustwitt

    Hello my daughter is in Mrs Sutton class but how am I able to check the right year one class page

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