Group 1 have had an amazing first day! We had a fantastic time mountain biking! Then in the afternoon we faced our fears climbing and played football in the sunshine.
Group 2 loved today! We started the day with archery and above and beyond. In both of these, lots of us learnt new skills and develop our team work. This afternoon we got to splash around on the lake as we canoed. We also had the chance to jump in.
Group 3 have had a fantastic first day at Frontier. We started the morning canoeing along the river followed by exploring the adventure pits! After a delicious lunch, our teamwork skills were put to the test in Mission Impossible challenges. We finished the day learning a new skill of map reading, using maps to navigate around the centre to find the hidden clues! Miss Holloway has been so impressed with the determination and resilience shown today and was very proud of how well they worked together as team.
Group 4 started today with team building through different mission impossible style tasks. We built bottle rockets and launched them seeing whose went the furthest. We al had an amazing time bike riding, which tested our resilience but every group member was praised by the staff for their effort and hard work.
We can’t wait to start all over again tomorrow! More photos will follow tomorrow. See you at 7:30am.
The year 6 day trip team.

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