Day 3 Year 6 day visit to The Frontier Centre
Group 1: We had a fantastic bush craft session, where the children built sturdy dens and warm fires. Later, we enjoyed all the fun obstacle courses and scenic views around Stanick Lake. I imagine everyone is very tired this evening.
Group 2: Group 2 had lots of fun today making shelters and learning how to start a fire. We also started the day with an awesome adventure around Stanwick Lakes.
Group 3: Today we started the morning aiming for a bullseye in archery! We learnt a new team game from Mrs Morrison and enjoyed playing football together. In the afternoon, group 3 showed their bravery and belief in each other when completing the high ropes course and leap of faith! Well done group 3!
Group 4: We started off our day climbing up to the sky! We practised our team work by holding the rope and supporting each other as they climbed the wall to the top. Unbelievably scary when you look down and realise you life is in the hands of 3 smiling year 6 boys! Luckily, they held on tight. This afternoon we competed for bullseye in archery and orienteered around the grounds, racing against other teams to find the letters and unscramble to find the word. Every single one of you have given it your all today despite being exhausted! Well done team 4!!

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