Group 1: On our last day, we fired arrows and continued to develop our teamwork in the maze and on the high ropes! However, all the fry ups and donuts in the world couldn’t calm all their nerves! We finished our week with some quiet games and football. Rest up kids… Back to work Monday!
Group 2: Group 2 had an amazing end to a fabulous week with many children overcoming their fear of heights when scaling the climbing wall.  This morning we grew our biking skills through twisty turny mountain biking trails.
Group 3: Wow what a final day! Group 3 started the morning scaling to new heights on the rock climbing wall. In the afternoon, we put our biking skills to the test racing around the 4 mountain bike tracks! We finished the day putting all of the teamwork skills we have developed this week to the test in ‘Above and Beyond’. Group 3 have shown determination and resilience this week, they have cheered each other one and have grown their friendships. They should all be incredibly proud of everything they have achieved this week.

Group 4: What a week we have had! We finished our week by testing our bravery and scrambling up the obstacles, as well as walking the high ropes! You proved how your team work, communication, relationships and respect for each other had grown over the 4 days as you successfully completed ‘above and beyond’. Our afternoon was spent being blown around Stanwick lakes, playing in the parks and enjoying the countryside.

Year 6, each and every one of you have grown your mindset and confidence over the last 4 days. Your teachers are unbelievably proud of what you have achieved individually and as a team. We’ve built strong relationships together and we are ready to conquer Year 6! Time to get some rest and have a relaxing weekend, ready to put everything we have learnt into action in our classrooms Monday!

See you then !
The year 6 day visits team!

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