Last week Year 2 completed their Lighthouses Project with a design create and communicate with a Dragon’s Den style pitch!

Their task was to create a lunchbox for Miss Low after she had been inspired by Mr Grinling (from the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch) to have a way of transporting her lunch and important documents between Fen Street and Countess Way.

In trios, after collecting and connecting their knowledge of materials as well as evaluating existing lunchboxes, they designed a lunchbox for Miss Low. They had to think carefully about what Miss Low would need in her lunchbox, what materials they could use which would be light but waterproof as well as any special features.

They went through the design process, even collecting feedback from other trios in order to edit and improve their designs.

When they had completed their final design they had to present their design to the rest of year 2 and the teachers.

Mr Morrison, Miss McShane and Miss Holloway were extremely proud of how well everyone worked in their trio and their incredibly high learning zones. They all produced high quality work and had open mindsets when need to edit and redraft their design!

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