6D have enjoyed taking part in a morning discussing relationships online and how interactions can effect the feelings of others.

They have taken part in positive dialogue, discussing different online situations, behaviours and relationships, suggesting very sensible and mature solutions and explanations. They are looking forward to recording their evidence of this learning on their realsmart online learning portfolios!

6D’s top tips for parents and children for having positive online relationships and using positive online behaviour:

  • People can interpret things differently. Be aware that a message/ post online that you think is funny, could be embarrassing or upsetting to others.
  • Never respond to a negative message or comment. Always tell an adult straight away.
  • Never talk to a person you have never met or is hiding their identity.
  • Something you post online (picture, video, comment, message) is there forever, once you have sent it. They can never be completely deleted. Never post anything that you will feel regretful about later.
  • Parents and adults should always know what their children are doing online (games, social media sites, friends, interactions). Even as we get older, we need to be supervised and checked on.
  • Always ask a person’s permission before sharing a picture of them online.
  • If you’re not sure that your post or message is ok, then it probably isn’t. Always get an adult’s opinion and consent.
  • If it doesn’t feel ok, then it is not. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable, remove yourself and tell an adult.
  • If your parent says ‘No’, then you do not use it.

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