Year 5 Residential Update

Residential update – please find more pictures on your child’s tapestry.

The final full day has been and gone, and what a day it has been. The routine of 8am breakfast followed by a 9am activity had obviously sunk in this morning as it ran like a well oiled machine.

To kick start the days adventures, groups 2 and 3 headed to the climbing hill to have their first taster of abseiling, which Kayda described as ‘nerve racking but exciting!’. The children were incredibly brave, with the majority biting the bullet and completing the entire wall.
Group 1 however were busy sword fighting in their fencing lesson – the competition in the group was ridiculous, but some great sportsmanship was shown… The winner of their mini fencing tournament was Sir Archie!
Walk the plank then followed for some groups, with teambuilding and communication being the key to success – unlike other teams which chose to hilariously betray each other to ensure friends and teachers fell in the bog, Mia and many others showed some amazing friendship skills by volunteering to jump into the bog to guide their friends round much easier… What absolute hero’s!

Lunch today pleased many as it was a classic pasta and bolognese or carbonara, with Macy describing this as her meal of the trip.

With full stomachs Group 3 moved straight onto Kayaking! If you happen to have checked the weather forecast for the day, you will know that the wind has not been too kind to us, but the group persevered and all made it back to jump in if they wanted too after, Mrs Morrison included!
It was Group 1’s turn on the King Swing today, and incredibly…. EVERY SINGLE PERSON made it all the way to the top to face the death defying drop! What an achievement.
Others faced the High ropes today, and something must have been in the air, because in group 2 everybody had a go at the leap of faith too! The bravery levels of the cohort have definitely been building over the week, but we reached an all time high today!

Dinner today was a choice between meatballs or Chicken curry, which went down a treat!

After dinner, we had a Mr Crawford vs Miss Bliss rounders game, which was as tense as you could imagine! The score was tied at 14-14 with Helena making a last ditch rounder to save my own team… the competition will be continued and hopefully finished tomorrow with a sudden death sport… still to be decided.
To end our final night in the amazing frontier centre, we have booked the cinema room for the night and as I type this, 43 children lay sprawled across bean bags with their eyes fixated on a projector showing the movie ‘SING!’. (If you were wondering why a child was not making another guest post tonight, it’s because I couldn’t drag any of them away from their snacks and movie to help…which I can completely understand!)

I can assure all of you however, that every child here is very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have them this week.
We shall see you all tomorrow!

Year 6 Residential Update

This post, and lots more photos can be found on your child’s tapestry account!

A blog post from Ayomide, Kayda and Emma.

“The sun came quicker than usual this morning, as our sleep was so much better! (probably due to the lack of sleep the night before…). Once again, toast and cereal filled us up before we started our first activity.

Fencing was a challenge for group 3 today, as it felt like we were learning a new sport and a new language…’En-garde!’. This for some reason ended with some dodgeball madness.
High ropes then called for both group 1 and group 3, which was exhausting but incredibly amazing.
It all starts with balance: Postman’s walk was the hardest for this, where after climbing a ladder, we had to slowly walk across a wire whilst being given challenges; The Gladiators wall tested upper body strength, flexibility and knowledge of where to climb onto, with the goal of of touching the wooden beam at the top; last but not least, The Leap of Faith forced us up a ladder, before climbing up a single beam (higher than our balconies at school) and making the jump to a bar in the sky! Miss Burdock almost went upside down trying to achieve this goal! But others such as myself (Emma), Chloe, Zariya and many more made it! Sadly however Mr Crawford’s jelly legs couldn’t make it to the bar!
Mountain biking for group 2 was beyond tiring, the hill being definitely the worst part! And we also discovered how easy it is to get lost, but don’t worry, we all found our way home…
Kayaking sadly brought out some tears were not afraid to say, but we managed to overcome our fears, whether it be the open water, or whether it is simply a spider in my boat! (Kayda). Once we were all set however, we were fearless, and we felt like brave dolphins gliding across the lake.

Dinner was spectacular as usual… Burger and Hot Dog night never disappoints, with a trifle for dessert!
After our stomachs were settled, we did a scavenger hunt, having to find pine cones, stones, branches as tall as your teacher, and there were even bonus points for collecting a hair from Mr Crawford’s beard (although Miss Bliss never told Mr Crawford that she had introduced this rule…I don’t think he was overly happy!)

Finally, it was campfire time and as we write this, some of us do not have the best of memories… as we dropped our food on the floor by accident (Ayomide) but overall we had a great experience: We got to roast marshmallows, make smores as well as singing a drowned out version of Open Grow Believe!

Today was definitely a day for learning and overcoming fears! I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow….”

Year 6 Residential Update

todays update comes from Mia and Calum. More photos can been seen on your child’s tapestry!

“As the sun rose today, we all woke up after a long night. Our mood was changed however by a hearty breakfast – great because you got to pick what you wanted!

Moving into a full days worth of exciting activities, we had a range of things to do across our three groups.

Fencing was made amazing because our teacher was so funny – and it is here we learnt the key to great fencing is making sure you slap your opponent in the face with your glove first!
Archery followed, with a great debate over team names, and a thrilling rivalry made for brilliant competition.
Above and Beyond ensured we worked as a unit, with Kayda blindfolded, and the rest of team carrying heavy objects, we weaved our way through an imaginary obstacle course.
Rock climbing for group 3 again pushed people out of their comfort zones! Just as it did with group 2 yesterday – Mr Crawford shook off his nerves and was forced all the way to the top by his yelling group below.

…and the day could not have been split any better by being served pizza for lunch!

Mountain biking for Group 1 and 3 was an intense and new opportunity for us all! What a fantastic experience, with Naomi stealing the show for Mr Crawford with her absolutely ridiculous resilience!
Of course, group 3 became the first victims of the almighty King Swing… Amazing work by Tyra, Juliana and all of the others that braved it by going all the way to the top…. The teachers do not fall under this category….
Walk the plank has filled Mrs Morrisson and her group with lifelong memories, as trickery, deception, and just simply bad instructions led Miss Burdock, Archie and many others into the dark and muddy bog….
Kayaking however allowed her to get her revenge, making Maryam fall into the lake!

Finally, dinner time came around, and a roast dinner with apple crumble was waiting for us in the hall.

How do you end a day as sensational as this? Of course with a bouncy castle party!

Wish us luck for tomorrow’s adventures!”

Year 6 Residential Update

Below is an update from the Year 6 Residential. More photos can be found on your child’s tapestry account.

“Our amazing journey has just begun – and to start it off was a 40 minute bus journey, passing the Olney pancake shop and through the Northamptonshire countryside. After arriving at the Frontier Centre, we took a short walk over to Stanwick Lakes to enjoy our picnic! We then went to a fabulous park, where Mrs Morrisson broke the land speed record scuttling up the black drainpipe…

After returning back to our lodge, we took part in our first activity: Archery or Rock Climbing, which was so fun, with our team ‘the blazing bullseyes’ smashing our opponents! We then took a nice stroll back to the lodge, and FINALLY found out the rooms we are in, before struggling with making our beds (although Mr Crawfords lesson on bedmaking would make anybody a master…)

Following this, we had a delicious spaghetti bolognese for dinner, and to top it off a victoria sponge, which was as light as a feather.

Finally, the day was slowly ended by a nice night time stroll through the woods, where we got to use our torches and truly listen to the sounds of the city.

Its bedtime now, but rumour has it that the day begins tomorrow with either mountain biking, more rock climbing, or a mysterious activity called ‘walk the plank’!

This has been Scarlett – reporting for the Year 6 residential family!”

Year 6 Residential Update – Day 3!

Sorry for the late update this evening. We have had a busy day full of adventurous activities that have really challenged our resilience and bravery. We have completed high ropes courses including the ‘leap of faith’, the Kind Swing, climbing, mountain biking and fencing! We have been working on setting ourselves goals for each activity and working towards these.

We spent the evening watching a film and chilling out after our visit to the shop! Here we are about to enjoy our relaxing evening.

Year 6 Residential Update – Day 2

Day 2- we have worked on our resilience today through a range of activities from climbing and king swing to mountain biking and kayaking. Everyone has tried hard to push themselves a little further and has learnt new ways to trust themselves and our teams.

We finished the day, tiring ourselves out on the bouncy castles and we reflected on everything that allowed us to be strong and powerful. We have all gone to bed exhausted and looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.

Year 6 Ignite Day

Please see below a link to the Year 6 ignite letter that went out yesterday via parent pay. The ignite will be held in school on Tuesday 18th September and children have been asked to dress up with a WWII theme. We can’t wait to spend the day igniting our new Code Breakers project!