Year 3/4F and 4D have been busy this term working on their Endangered Animals project. From writing non-chronological reports to designing and creating informative posters, they have learnt a lot about different endangered animals and the threats they face. As a result, they decided they wanted to do something to really make a difference!

They are now focusing on being able to use persuasive language by writing persuasive letters in Literacy lessons and creating their documentaries about endangered animals. To ignite this stage of their project they held a campaign day on Tuesday. They wanted to make their voices heard and raise money to help protect endangered animals.

They spent the morning baking cakes and designing posters in preparation for their bake sale after school.



In the afternoon, they took their posters on a campaign march around Brooklands and Broughton! It was great to go out in the community to share their passion about saving endangered animals. Their chanting and posters definitely got lots of attention!

Even after such a busy day, they weren’t finished yet. They held a bake sale after school and raised a huge £113! This money will be used for each class to adopt an endangered animal with the WWF!

It was such a successful day and we are so proud of the children’s work and passion to get their voices heard for such a good cause! We look forward to sharing the rest of our work with you at the end of the term!

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