“10/10 I’ve enjoyed archery and got a bullseye. I would like mum to buy me an archery set for my birthday” Theo (group 1)

“Archery has been really good and has helped with my coordination and precision.” Anushka group 2

“Mission impossible is fun because you have to work as a team to solve the problems and communicate well! ” Harper and Elijah (group 5)

“Mission impossible was a really good team activity because you get to know each other and you’re one big group” Rishi (group 6)

Kayaking- “I really enjoyed kayaking because I could hear and feel nature all around us.” Alex (group 7/8)

Mission Impossible- “It was very fun, we used lots of teamwork and I enjoyed working together with my group” Jess (#GreigSquad Group 3/4)

Photos from Day 2

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