Biking- “My favourite activity was biking because you get to go down lots of hills and learn new things.” Amelia (group 2)

Archery- “Archery is exciting because you get to learn lots, like how to aim and shoot arrows.” Michaela (group 5)

Walk the plank- “It was exciting and really helpful because we learned about trusting each other and improving our communication.” Rachael (group 7)

Mission impossible – “It was super fun and we learned a lot about how to work as a team effectively.” Megan (group 7)

Kayaking- “It was really fun and challenging but it was really wet and cold!” Izzy (group 3)

Climbing- “I loved the climbing because they made it a competition!” Theo (group 4)

Mission impossible- “I loved that we didn’t just have to think about ourselves we had to think about others and work as a team.” Vanessa (group 8)

Walk the plank- “We had to think about how to cooperate and guide each other, it was really muddy and fun.” Tia (group 8)

Walk the plank- “Ewww it’s so muddy!” Michaela (Group 6)

Walk the plank- “You need great balance and go really slowly across the slippery plank!” Rishi and Kiritimati.

“A muddy adventure never to be forgotten, you need great trust in your partner to achieve.” Aiden (Group 5)

Above and beyond- “It helped us to understand how to help others in need.” Threya

Biking- “ I really enjoyed biking but it was quite challenging!” Ester

Group 5 and 6 went head to head in an archery challenge. We had The Amazing Archers against The Bullseye Battlers. After them all showing great determination and resilience, The Amazing Archers came out on top!

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