Group 1- high ropes – “It felt so good, I had to do it as I can only do this once!” Alex D

Group 2- Gladiator challenge- “It was difficult but I really enjoyed myself!” Sammy
Leap of Faith- “ It was scary but fun at the same time.” Leah-May

Group 3- kayaking “We loved taking a risk when we were kayaking. The water was freezing but soon woke us up!” Jess G, Hanifa, Hannah and Gianna.

Group 4- kayaking- “We learnt that you can go backwards and forwards and in circles. So much fun!” Haneesh

Group 5 – rock climbing- “We enjoyed our moment climbing the adventurous wall.” Harper, Lakshya and Michaela

Group 6- rock climbing – “It was the best activity and I had so much fun!” Rishi

Group 7- climbing- “I had lots of fun challenging myself to get to the top of the wall.” Janneke

Group 8- climbing- “It was really intense and fun but also challenging.” Janathan

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