Wow – what a week we have had!
Year 6 have fired arrows, riden mountain bikes, worked as a team to solve the maze, and overcome their fear of heights on the high ropes course.  They have canoed, gone Above and Beyond and proved how their team work, communication, relationships and respect for each other had grown over the last 4 days.
The weather has been kind and the food has been great!
All children have shown determination and resilience in the many teamwork tasks and had the absolute best time.  They have cheered each other on and have grown their friendships.
Year 6, each and everyone of you have grown your mindset and confidence over the last 4 days. Your teachers are unbelievably proud of what you have achieved individually and as a team. We’ve built strong relationships together and we are ready to conquer year 6! Time to get some rest and have a relaxing weekend, ready to put everything we have learnt into action in our classrooms Monday!
More photos to follow…………..

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