Year 4 Ignite – Monday 11th September

On Monday 11th September, to Ignite our project ‘Why do we tell stories?’,  we are planning an exciting event for the children. James Nicol, author of ‘The Apprentice Witch’ has agreed to visit the school to talk to the children about his books.

James is an innovative author and speaker and we are delighted to have secured a visit by him. He will be talking to the children to provide inspiration for their own writing and also enthusing them about reading. This will support the literacy work that we do in school and we hope it will prove a stimulating experience for the children.

We will be reading ‘The Apprentice Witch’ before and after James’ visit however you may want to research the author at home.

Countess Way children will be walking from Countess Way to Fen Street in the morning and returning to Countess Way for the usual pick up time. You should drop your child off at Countess Way at normal time, and collect your child at Countess Way at normal time. If your child is hot dinners on Monday, we have arranged for them to have their lunch at Fen Street. If your child is packed lunch, they should bring packed lunch as normal.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 4 Team

Year 3 and 4 spelling list

Here is the Year 3 and 4 spelling list from the National Curriculum in case anyone wants to continue practicing spellings at home over half term.

There are also the First 100 High Frequency word lists and the Next 200 High Frequency word lists, which could be useful to practice –

Year 4’s helping out in the school Office

This week, Year 4 have started helping out in the school Office. Two Year 4 children have gone down each day to spend the day working at the front desk. The 10 children that have gone down this week have really enjoyed their days at the office and have developed skills in responsibility, communication and reciprocity. During their days, they have been welcoming visitors to school with a gotcha smile, doing photocopying and shredding jobs and walking younger children around the school to and from their classrooms.


This will continue every day until the end of the year so we have lots more opportunities for lots more children in Year 4 to have this experience.


Times tables, Maths and Spelling useful websites

At parents evening, lots of parents said that it would be helpful to have a list of websites for children to go on at home to practice their times tables and other number facts and their spellings. Here is a list of websites with links to games and to sites where you can download worksheets which all link to the Year 4 standard.

Have a lovely holiday Year 4

Over the past 2 weeks, Year 4 have been working on their Journey Project across all areas of the curriculum. In maths, we have been working on 2D shape and looking at some artwork by Karla Gerard, discussing how she uses shape to create her masterpieces. We had a go at creating our own artwork in her style with a Brooklands Farm twist.

In Literacy, we had a go at creating some poems in the style of Tony Mitton’s ‘I wanna be a star’. We thought about what we wanted to achieve in Year 4 and how much we have already achieved in our Journey at Brooklands Farm.

This Journey Project culminated in our Year 3 and 4 performance, which we very much hope you enjoyed.

You can find a copy of the Year 4 Home Learning and Spellings below. It relates to our next Project – Extreme Environments!!


The teachers very much hope you have a lovely break!
Miss Bliss, Miss Cooper, Miss Courtney, Miss Gilders and Mr Kerin

Year 4 Ignite days

Year 4 had an amazing time this week on their Ignite days! We started the day by reading some Roman fact books and giving ourselves Roman names. We got to experience so many great things, such as, cooking a Roman pizza, creating Roman helmets, shields and mosaics, going on a Roman march and buying our food and equipment at a Roman forum after learning about roman numerals and making roman coins. We all had a great time in really high learning zones!

Mr Kerinus, Miss Blissa, Miss Coopera, Miss Courtneya and Miss Gildersa

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