Residential update – please find more pictures on your child’s tapestry.

The final full day has been and gone, and what a day it has been. The routine of 8am breakfast followed by a 9am activity had obviously sunk in this morning as it ran like a well oiled machine.

To kick start the days adventures, groups 2 and 3 headed to the climbing hill to have their first taster of abseiling, which Kayda described as ‘nerve racking but exciting!’. The children were incredibly brave, with the majority biting the bullet and completing the entire wall.
Group 1 however were busy sword fighting in their fencing lesson – the competition in the group was ridiculous, but some great sportsmanship was shown… The winner of their mini fencing tournament was Sir Archie!
Walk the plank then followed for some groups, with teambuilding and communication being the key to success – unlike other teams which chose to hilariously betray each other to ensure friends and teachers fell in the bog, Mia and many others showed some amazing friendship skills by volunteering to jump into the bog to guide their friends round much easier… What absolute hero’s!

Lunch today pleased many as it was a classic pasta and bolognese or carbonara, with Macy describing this as her meal of the trip.

With full stomachs Group 3 moved straight onto Kayaking! If you happen to have checked the weather forecast for the day, you will know that the wind has not been too kind to us, but the group persevered and all made it back to jump in if they wanted too after, Mrs Morrison included!
It was Group 1’s turn on the King Swing today, and incredibly…. EVERY SINGLE PERSON made it all the way to the top to face the death defying drop! What an achievement.
Others faced the High ropes today, and something must have been in the air, because in group 2 everybody had a go at the leap of faith too! The bravery levels of the cohort have definitely been building over the week, but we reached an all time high today!

Dinner today was a choice between meatballs or Chicken curry, which went down a treat!

After dinner, we had a Mr Crawford vs Miss Bliss rounders game, which was as tense as you could imagine! The score was tied at 14-14 with Helena making a last ditch rounder to save my own team… the competition will be continued and hopefully finished tomorrow with a sudden death sport… still to be decided.
To end our final night in the amazing frontier centre, we have booked the cinema room for the night and as I type this, 43 children lay sprawled across bean bags with their eyes fixated on a projector showing the movie ‘SING!’. (If you were wondering why a child was not making another guest post tonight, it’s because I couldn’t drag any of them away from their snacks and movie to help…which I can completely understand!)

I can assure all of you however, that every child here is very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have them this week.
We shall see you all tomorrow!

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