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A blog post from Ayomide, Kayda and Emma.

“The sun came quicker than usual this morning, as our sleep was so much better! (probably due to the lack of sleep the night before…). Once again, toast and cereal filled us up before we started our first activity.

Fencing was a challenge for group 3 today, as it felt like we were learning a new sport and a new language…’En-garde!’. This for some reason ended with some dodgeball madness.
High ropes then called for both group 1 and group 3, which was exhausting but incredibly amazing.
It all starts with balance: Postman’s walk was the hardest for this, where after climbing a ladder, we had to slowly walk across a wire whilst being given challenges; The Gladiators wall tested upper body strength, flexibility and knowledge of where to climb onto, with the goal of of touching the wooden beam at the top; last but not least, The Leap of Faith forced us up a ladder, before climbing up a single beam (higher than our balconies at school) and making the jump to a bar in the sky! Miss Burdock almost went upside down trying to achieve this goal! But others such as myself (Emma), Chloe, Zariya and many more made it! Sadly however Mr Crawford’s jelly legs couldn’t make it to the bar!
Mountain biking for group 2 was beyond tiring, the hill being definitely the worst part! And we also discovered how easy it is to get lost, but don’t worry, we all found our way home…
Kayaking sadly brought out some tears were not afraid to say, but we managed to overcome our fears, whether it be the open water, or whether it is simply a spider in my boat! (Kayda). Once we were all set however, we were fearless, and we felt like brave dolphins gliding across the lake.

Dinner was spectacular as usual… Burger and Hot Dog night never disappoints, with a trifle for dessert!
After our stomachs were settled, we did a scavenger hunt, having to find pine cones, stones, branches as tall as your teacher, and there were even bonus points for collecting a hair from Mr Crawford’s beard (although Miss Bliss never told Mr Crawford that she had introduced this rule…I don’t think he was overly happy!)

Finally, it was campfire time and as we write this, some of us do not have the best of memories… as we dropped our food on the floor by accident (Ayomide) but overall we had a great experience: We got to roast marshmallows, make smores as well as singing a drowned out version of Open Grow Believe!

Today was definitely a day for learning and overcoming fears! I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow….”

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