Science experiments!

This week we have carried out several science experiments so that we could test the properties of different materials. We will use our findings to design a coat for Arctic Explorers!

We found it interesting that some of the materials seemed quite waterproof but absorbed a lot of water which made them heavy and not very practical for the Arctic weather. The thermal insulation experiment was interesting because we found it hard to ensure it was a completely fair test.

Here are some photos from our experiments.

Science in year 1c

We have had a great week back! Miss Draper was so impressed with how quickly we all settled in. It was lovely to share all our activities over the Christmas holidays.

This week we have been doing lots of science activities. We revisited the body and learnt our five different senses – can you share them at home? We got to use our senses in several different games – our favourite one was where we were blindfolded and had to find out who took Miss Draper’s keys!

We finished off our week by revisiting the seasons – Miss Draper was so impressed at what we already knew. We also learnt that seasons are a result of the Earth travelling around the Sun. Can you share your experiences with your parents? You are welcome to come in and take a look at our Science floor book which has lots of photos.

We look forward to next week where we will be starting our new topic. We will be sharing all of our home learning and finding out what we already know. Our classroom is slowly being transformed to 1666 London – please come in and take a look!

Dragons Den

We were invited to present our project outcome in a Brooklands Farm Dragon’s Den! We have spent the last few weeks creating our own lunchbox that can be transported to each site along a wire. Our product needed to be waterproof, light and suitable enough to carry Miss Low’s lunch. We spent lots of time reviewing our product and then pitching our ideas to Miss Low and her fellow dragons. They were really excited about our designs and asked us questions that made us think about our next steps in our learning.


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Exploring Ice in Foundation 1

The children in nursery explored various size ice blocks this week. They explored how the ice felt and how hard it was to change, even when banging it using playdough tools. We learnt that ice is water that has got very, very cold and so become ‘frozen’ but that it melts easily in a warm place like our school building.

Many children experimented with different ideas of how to melt the ice faster by either breaking it into small pieces, touching it with our warm hands, mixing it in bowls or pouring warm water over it. Some great problem solving! See our pictures below.

Well done to Indie who continued her learning at home by freezing water to make her own ice cubes. I am informed that she is going to make different flavour ice cubes next, now that’s what I call yummy science!

Next week we will continue our project by moving on to the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. As part of their learning we will read the story and identify all of the different ways the stick could be used.

You could support your child’s learning at home by playing a game to find things made out of wood. There are also a variety of animated versions of the story on YouTube you could watch and join in with. If you feel like getting creative you could go for a walk and collect some sticks to make something out of…have fun!


image image



What an amazing day we had on Tuesday at the Milton Keynes Discovery Centre! Have you ever wondered how Chemistry and Science are used in the real world? If yes, then ask a Year 6 student because we learnt all about it on our trip!

We discovered: the different parts of soil, how potholes are formed, how to build roads and bridges, how solar panels work, the digestive system of a horse and lots more!

We hope you enjoy looking through our pictures!






We succeeded in building an arch bridge!



20161018_141322 20161018_141300

We cannot wait to continue on our Science learning journey!