All children in Year 1 – Year 6 have access to a learning website called ‘Mathletics’. Many children are already using this website both in and outside of school to consolidate the learning they do in the classroom. The children particularly enjoy ‘Live Mathletics’, where they can compete against their friends and improve their recall of number facts such as times tables.

Today Mathletics is updating its website so that it is more ‘user friendly’. Please encourage your child/children to log on to Mathletics and explore the new layout. If they get more than 1000 points in a week, they will even receive a certificate! In the past month, 200 certificates have been achieved by Brooklands Farm children! Let’s see if there can be even more this month!

If you have any queries about using Mathletics, please ask your child’s class teacher.

Good luck!

May Half Term Homework – Fen Street

Project Holiday Homework

This half term we have learnt lots of facts about dinosaurs and we have recorded them in different ways!

For your holiday homework, we would like you to use what you know about different dinosaurs to create a model or picture.

Possible ways of creating your art pieces are:

  • Model made out of recycling, clay or sticks
  • Pencil drawing, painting or pastel drawing

We look forward to seeing what you create! Please bring it in by the first Wednesday back.
The Year 2 team

May homework

As you are all aware, May is a very busy time for Year 2 which is why we would like them to focus on their well being. We have created a list of possible activities they could do, as well as space for them to come up with their own.

Have a great month!


Maths Methods

When you are doing maths homework at home, including Mathletics, it may be useful to refer to the attachment below. It has the main approaches we use for each of the calculations and fractions. Your child may not be familiar with all the methods and they will probably have a method they prefer, which is absolutely fine. If you do have any concerns or questions, come and ask their class teacher and we would be happy to discuss the methods with you.

Thank you

Spring Week 2 homework

Here is the Year 2 literacy homework this week.

There are also activities we would like you to complete on Mathletics to embed your place value learning. The more activities you do on Mathletics, means the more points you can earn. These points can add up to a certificate each week! Log on to find out more!

Year 2 team

Year 2 Home learning

The year 2 home learning has changed this half term. Here is a link to the letter explaining the changes and also the different spellings that have been sent home.

Have a lovely weekend!