Below is an update from the Year 6 Residential. More photos can be found on your child’s tapestry account.

“Our amazing journey has just begun – and to start it off was a 40 minute bus journey, passing the Olney pancake shop and through the Northamptonshire countryside. After arriving at the Frontier Centre, we took a short walk over to Stanwick Lakes to enjoy our picnic! We then went to a fabulous park, where Mrs Morrisson broke the land speed record scuttling up the black drainpipe…

After returning back to our lodge, we took part in our first activity: Archery or Rock Climbing, which was so fun, with our team ‘the blazing bullseyes’ smashing our opponents! We then took a nice stroll back to the lodge, and FINALLY found out the rooms we are in, before struggling with making our beds (although Mr Crawfords lesson on bedmaking would make anybody a master…)

Following this, we had a delicious spaghetti bolognese for dinner, and to top it off a victoria sponge, which was as light as a feather.

Finally, the day was slowly ended by a nice night time stroll through the woods, where we got to use our torches and truly listen to the sounds of the city.

Its bedtime now, but rumour has it that the day begins tomorrow with either mountain biking, more rock climbing, or a mysterious activity called ‘walk the plank’!

This has been Scarlett – reporting for the Year 6 residential family!”

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