todays update comes from Mia and Calum. More photos can been seen on your child’s tapestry!

“As the sun rose today, we all woke up after a long night. Our mood was changed however by a hearty breakfast – great because you got to pick what you wanted!

Moving into a full days worth of exciting activities, we had a range of things to do across our three groups.

Fencing was made amazing because our teacher was so funny – and it is here we learnt the key to great fencing is making sure you slap your opponent in the face with your glove first!
Archery followed, with a great debate over team names, and a thrilling rivalry made for brilliant competition.
Above and Beyond ensured we worked as a unit, with Kayda blindfolded, and the rest of team carrying heavy objects, we weaved our way through an imaginary obstacle course.
Rock climbing for group 3 again pushed people out of their comfort zones! Just as it did with group 2 yesterday – Mr Crawford shook off his nerves and was forced all the way to the top by his yelling group below.

…and the day could not have been split any better by being served pizza for lunch!

Mountain biking for Group 1 and 3 was an intense and new opportunity for us all! What a fantastic experience, with Naomi stealing the show for Mr Crawford with her absolutely ridiculous resilience!
Of course, group 3 became the first victims of the almighty King Swing… Amazing work by Tyra, Juliana and all of the others that braved it by going all the way to the top…. The teachers do not fall under this category….
Walk the plank has filled Mrs Morrisson and her group with lifelong memories, as trickery, deception, and just simply bad instructions led Miss Burdock, Archie and many others into the dark and muddy bog….
Kayaking however allowed her to get her revenge, making Maryam fall into the lake!

Finally, dinner time came around, and a roast dinner with apple crumble was waiting for us in the hall.

How do you end a day as sensational as this? Of course with a bouncy castle party!

Wish us luck for tomorrow’s adventures!”

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