Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School

Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at our new and expanding school. The first building on the block of the Brooklands community development serving Broughton Gate and Brooklands.
Our school building is predominantly glass emphasising our ambition to be connected to the world around us.  We believe in transparency and accountability and again the ability to look inside our school from every direction emphasises our leadership ambition for excellence.  Our school believes in ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ ‘everyone’ learning, we have created spaces to learn in our school that recognises learning in groups, as an individual or within a whole class setting.
As we begin our learning journey we have no idea who will come to learn with us!!  This is extremely exciting and we will leave space to accommodate and weave in all talents and skills.  For this reason our vision statement is – Weaving a Learning Journey.
We believe we will achieve excellence during that learning journey if we –
OPEN – hearts, minds, eyes, ears and dialogue.
GROW – talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge, relationships.
BELIEVE – I can…., we can ………….. and you can…………..
We are all leaders of learning on this journey and please come and join us to share your learning as we will only have a great school if we all run in the same direction.
Maxine Low – Head Teacher

See some of our latest learning below

Internet Safety Day

Year 2 had an exciting afternoon this week learning about internet safety. They were able to discuss and find lots of solutions to any problems they may have when using the internet. The children then made a jigsaw to share one way we can stay safe on the internet. We have connected all the pieces together as shown in the pictures below. 


It has been an intense 3 days of cycling in very low temperatures but everyone tried amazingly hard, were very resilient and all received a certificate for their effort! It has been lovely to see how much everyone can progress over 3 sessions and they had great instructors to support them. Some children managed to pass their Level 2 as well!

Well done to everyone who took part!

Here is a photo of a few of the children, who were really excited to get their certificates!



7 times table

Year 5 have been learning how to roll their 7’s this week so that they know their times tables off by heart! Have a listen and see if you can join in!

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day so this afternoon 3/4F and 4D spent some time discussing how to stay safe online. We particularly focused on learning about how to be a good friend online and how we can help keep each other safe. We had lots of discussion about different scenarios and situations as well as activities sorting kind acts and unkind acts online. 

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to Miss Holloway and Miss Gilders.

Internet Safety Day, 6th February 2018 – 6D

6D have enjoyed taking part in a morning discussing relationships online and how interactions can effect the feelings of others.

They have taken part in positive dialogue, discussing different online situations, behaviours and relationships, suggesting very sensible and mature solutions and explanations. They are looking forward to recording their evidence of this learning on their realsmart online learning portfolios!

6D’s top tips for parents and children for having positive online relationships and using positive online behaviour:

  • People can interpret things differently. Be aware that a message/ post online that you think is funny, could be embarrassing or upsetting to others.
  • Never respond to a negative message or comment. Always tell an adult straight away.
  • Never talk to a person you have never met or is hiding their identity.
  • Something you post online (picture, video, comment, message) is there forever, once you have sent it. They can never be completely deleted. Never post anything that you will feel regretful about later.
  • Parents and adults should always know what their children are doing online (games, social media sites, friends, interactions). Even as we get older, we need to be supervised and checked on.
  • Always ask a person’s permission before sharing a picture of them online.
  • If you’re not sure that your post or message is ok, then it probably isn’t. Always get an adult’s opinion and consent.
  • If it doesn’t feel ok, then it is not. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable, remove yourself and tell an adult.
  • If your parent says ‘No’, then you do not use it.

Applying our Learning

3/4F have been learning short multiplication to multiply two or three digit numbers by a 1 digit number. After lots of guided groups and independent practise we have all mastered this method to our year group standard! Today we applied our learning to a competitive team quiz, Kahoot! We had lots of fun playing against each other whilst practicing our short multiplication method.  We also had to work well in teams!