Is your child starting school in September? Come and visit our school!


One community, One primary school,  One localised plan for success.

Together we are Weaving a Learning Journey.

Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School.  My name is Maxine Low and I am the Executive Headteacher of our growing school at the heart of the community. You have now become part of the Brooklands Farm family.  We have two sites but are led and managed as one organisation because we want everyone who lives in this area to know each other, know each other’s children well and in turn ensure they thrive as a community.

Each school site is a primary school campus providing education for 3-11 year olds.  As Executive Headteacher of the whole organisation I will ensure the highest standards on both campuses.  It will be my job to provide the ‘John Lewis’ experience to the community. This means it does not matter which site you attend, the experience and your outcomes will be the same.

We are very excited about delivering a continuous school provision across an emerging geographical area. When you meet in the park we want your children to know each other, to know how to resolve conflict and together grow roots in the community that will become your legacy.

When you come into school you will notice that we are organised into small schools.  We have an Early Years, Infant, Lower Junior and Upper Junior school. Your experience will be the same as a small school experience. Each child will have their own team around them including their class teacher and support staff.

At Brooklands Farm Primary School we organise ourselves in this way so that each child and their families are known as individuals and unique family units. We know that this approach of creating small schools within a large organisation is the proven way to ensure the highest outcomes for the relationships we build and for learning to grow.

Whilst the children’s experiences are personalised we will behave as one community, one primary school and have one localised plan that ensures the successes our community deserves. One local plan to deliver quality is owned by one senior leadership team and one governing body across the two sites.

At Brooklands Farm Primary School we have various ways of communicating with you. Please check for new information through our website. When you join us in September you will receive an activation code for ParentPay which is a service that will allow you to access letters and bulletins via email.

These are exciting times for our school community and we are delighted that you are coming to join us

In Year Admissions
Our school admissions are looked after by the admissions team at the MK Council. If you are considering a school move for your child please complete the In-Year transfer form, which is downloadable from the MK Council Admissions Website.

For mid year admissions, the turnaround time on applications is usually 2 weeks, and you will be notified via Email.

You may find their contact details on their Website

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For in year admissions – the information is here