7 times table

Year 5 have been learning how to roll their 7’s this week so that they know their times tables off by heart! Have a listen and see if you can join in!

Year 3’s Working Hard on their Maths Close the Gaps!

Year 3 have been working on practicing using written methods to solve four questions every day. They are given an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This close the gap work is completed in the children’s maths books and each child has a grow sheet to track their progress each day. Importantly, they MUST show their working out – something they have not consistently been doing. This helps eliminate minor errors and is a skill required in later years for SATs and GCSE’s as marks are given for showing working out not just the final answer.

Examples of questions: 

520cm + 193cm =

342 – 139 =

5 x ____ = 40

27 9 =

How you can help your child at home…

Spend 10 -15 mins creating similar style questions and supporting your child to answer these 3-4 times a a week. Short, focused and regular practice will improve your child’s overall skills.

Any questions, please talk to a member of the year 3 team.





Last weeks Maths home learning

Last weeks Maths home learning:

In Maths, we have been growing our understanding of addition and subtraction.

This week we would like you to observe and make note of when you and your families face addition and subtraction problems at home/when you are out and about. This could be regarding: how much money is spent in a transaction in a shop/petrol station/bus station/cafe etc; how much change is given from a set amount e.g. £20; how much time you spend doing an activity and therefore, how much time you have left to do something else; how much of an ingredient you need to use in a recipe etc.

Write down in  your homework books a couple of examples of how you and your families face addition and subtraction problems in day to day life e.g.

My mum, brother and I went to the cinema. We bought 1 adult ticket (£9.85) and 2 children’s tickets (£6.75). How much did we spend in total? My mum paid with £30 how much change should she get?

We will be having a discussion about all of the different ways that addition and subtraction are in our lives in Maths lessons. Please do not spend longer than 30mins writing these into your books.

Today the children were so excited to share the discussions that they have been having at home about how Maths fits into our every day lives! Have a look at some of the problems that the children faced over the weekend…

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word problems1 word problems

Enjoy your summer 2D!

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What a fantastic start to year 2 made by all year 2 on Countess Way! 2D has settled in so well to the class routines and has even begun year 2 learning which is amazing.

We have been focusing on Roald Dahl as a significant author and have combined our knowledge of George’s Marvellous Medicine and capacity to design our very own marvellous medicine. The children have worked calmly to produce their medicines, ensure we had no spillages, worked accurately to read their scales and they used their incredible imagination to think up an incredible concoction.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer and look forward to hearing all about it in September! Thank you for working so hard these last few weeks.


Mr Morrison