Strong and Powerful Year 6 Homework

What an amazing first week in Year 6!

This week we have begun to read the story ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher.

For homework this week we would like the children to sketch/create a picture of Mr Sir from the description given in the story (see picture below)

Remember to use the information and clues given in the text to create your picture – you could even label your sketch with quotes and evidence to support what you have drawn.

Don’t forget to go onto hit the button (times table games) and also mathletics over the weekend as well.

Homework just for this week is due in on Thursday 13th July as some children are on residential on the Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend.






All children in Year 1 – Year 6 have access to a learning website called ‘Mathletics’. Many children are already using this website both in and outside of school to consolidate the learning they do in the classroom. The children particularly enjoy ‘Live Mathletics’, where they can compete against their friends and improve their recall of number facts such as times tables.

Today Mathletics is updating its website so that it is more ‘user friendly’. Please encourage your child/children to log on to Mathletics and explore the new layout. If they get more than 1000 points in a week, they will even receive a certificate! In the past month, 200 certificates have been achieved by Brooklands Farm children! Let’s see if there can be even more this month!

If you have any queries about using Mathletics, please ask your child’s class teacher.

Good luck!

Brookfest preparations in Year 6!

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard this week to learn and perfect their singing and actions to their songs for Brookfest! They have performed two of these songs in front of the whole school!

For their homework this week we would like all of year 6 to learn the lyrics to our 3 songs:

What do I know – Ed Sheeran

Worlds Greatest – R Kelly

That Power – Will.I.Am and Justin Beiber

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bold, Miss Sheridan and Mrs Hern


Close the Gap Plans in Year 6

In year 6 this week we have begun to use our new close the gap plans. We are sharing these at parents evening ready for them to come home on Friday.

We are really excited about taking ownership of our learning and preparing ourselves for secondary school by having our own timetables and homework planners. In lessons we will be identifying areas that we want to grow at home.

Any questions then please come and ask the team.


Singing in Years 5 and 6

Today we have started to learn some new songs ready for our Tree Week performances. We need to be practising these as much as possible to ensure our performances are amazing!

Here are the links to the songs so that we can practise at home!

Robbie Williams – Love my Life

John Lennon – Imagine


Michel Jackson – Man in the Mirror

Year 6 Strong and Powerful Homework

Strong and Powerful Homework

In year 6 we are Strong and Powerful learners, who take ownership of our own learning. To increase our levels of responsibility we have decided to lead our own close the gap home learning journeys.

We have identified the current gaps in our learning in our ‘Close the Gap’ plans with our teachers. We have established whether each of these gaps is something that: we need to be taught by a teacher, can research independently or can practise independently. We have chosen our homework from the research or practise independently columns.

Miss Sheridan and Miss Bold have put together a bank of resources for us to use when we are closing these gaps at home – they will be adding new things to the bank every week. Please find the URL below.

We will see the impact of our personalised close the gap home learning throughout our lessons in school. With our teachers we will be reviewing whether our gaps have been closed. We also have fortnightly spellings and quick maths in our booklets as well. If we come up with any new gaps we need to ask our teachers to put more resources onto the resource bank. 

We are looking forward to having ownership over this learning! 

Year 6 Home Learning

Thank you so much to the Year 6’s who did research on Bletchley Park. We have started to use this homework in our Project areas and will be using them to begin our lessons on Monday and Tuesday afternoon!


This week’s home learning:

Strong and Powerful homework due Wednesday 9th November


To continue to improve fluency in Maths we would like you to continue to practise:

Times tables from 1 – 12

QR code – Hit the button maths game

Factors and multiples

Prime numbers

Challenge: Can you investigate what a square number and why it is called a square number?


In literacy we have been looking at newspaper articles. We have shown you our new imitate text and would like you to understand where the key skills of year 6 are shown within the text. Can you identify each skill from your ladder in the text and highlight using colours or label with a pencil. This will help you to understand how to use the skills within this text type.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Sheridan & Miss Bold



Here is the link to the article we would like the children to look at:


Each child was given their own paper copy of their personal ladder.