6D home learning

Due Friday 2nd March – please email to MIss Snowdon directly or to the office at Countess Way.

We have been writing 500 words stories this week. They need to be finished for home learning by next Friday. These will need to be typed and emailed to school.

This writing is an assessment piece of writing so it is of the upmost importance that adults do not have involvement or help you, when you are writing this. The writing you finish will be going in your hot task writing folder towards your SATs writing evidence.

This writing must be in school by next Friday, otherwise it will not be able to count towards your writing evidence.

You will need:

  • The photocopy of your book, with your current draft (if you submitted your stories you are just doing the redrafting part of this task)
  • Finish your current story draft – type up if not already
  • Make sure you have DADWAVERS description throughout
    • Description
    • Action
    • Dialogue
    • Where
    • Adverbial
    • Verb
    • Rhetorical question
    • Simile/metaphor
  • mark using your Y6 ladder (Working towards, At, Greater depth)
  • Grow the greens in a final draft of your writing

Have a lovely weekend

Strong and powerful home learning, due 7th February.

Next week, we’ll be starting to think about our story ideas to enter the

BBC Radio 2 500 Words writing competition!

(Click the link)

Please write a summary of the plot of your favourite story and keep it in school from Wednesday, to use in school to assist planning.

Please also complete your personalised tasks on mathletics, Sumdog and spellingframe, as well as continuing with your self-study to close your gaps.

A big well done to those people who have been using Sumdog every day. Some children have built over 12 hours now and are seeing that their spelling gaps are narrowing! For those who have not been logging on to Sumdog regularly, please know that this is an amazing resource and we are seeing that it is helping the regular users to progress in their learning journey. You are missing a trick!

The Year 6 teachers

Year 6 Homework

Set: 19th January 2018

Due: 24th January 2018

Task 1: In school we have begun to use an amazing website to practise our spellings. For homework can you use the website spellingframe.co.uk to practise your spellings. It allows you to break up the word, put the word back together, listen to the word being spoken and check your own spelling of the word.

Task 2: Complete to practise on Mathletics and continue to practise timestable rockstars.

Task 3: Use the self study folder on google drive to continue to close the gaps in your learning:



Have a lovely weekend

Miss Sheridan, Miss Bold, Mr Crawford and Miss Snowdon

6D home learning

This week we have been concentrating on the inference skill in reading. For home learning please complete the questions, using the extract of The Jungle Book.

You should also complete the assigned tasks on mathletics, ensure that you are reading for at least 15 minutes every day and continue your close the gap spellings. Remember, that all tasks completed in school for self-study and at home should be recorded in your close the gap planner.

We have been introduced to a fun new website for spelling this week: spellingframe.co.uk

This website provides tests and practise games for all of the spellings rules for KS2 (from year 3 to year 6). Please do continue to use this at home but please make sure that you are practising the appropriate spelling rules. You could continue with our homophones spellings or do your own close the gap practise, using the gaps you have recorded for yourself in your planner. Try not to pick a rule at random and avoid spelling rules you are already a master of.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Snowdon

Strong and powerful home learning, due 17th January.

This week we have been learning about how to write a film review. Your home learning task for this week is to find your own examples of film reviews and to bring them to school on Wednesday to use in our lesson. We will be searching for our list of writing features and for examples of the year six writing standard.


As well as your self-study, please complete the mathletics tasks that have been set for you.


Continue with your self-study spelling practise in your close the gap planner.

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Strong and Powerful Homework

Set: Friday 5th January

Due: Wednesday 10th January


Task 1:  After enjoying the films ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘The Jungle Book’ this week, we now need to begin our research on the films and their characters.

Can you research and find the key information that you will need to write your film reviews? Use the questions below to guide your research:


  • Who are the main characters in the film?
    • Who are the actors for each of these characters?
  • Research the producer of the film
  • What was their last movie?
  • What other films have they produced?
  • What was the release date of the film?
  • How long is the film?
  • What is the main story line (plot) of the film?
  • Is this film based on a book? If yes, who is the author of this book?
  • Was there an earlier version of the film?
  • When was it produced?
  • Who by?


Task 2: Please ensure that all tasks on Mathletics are complete.


Have a terrific weekend, see you all on Monday!

Miss Bold, Miss Sheridan, Mr Crawford, Mr Grimditch, Miss King and Miss Snowdon.



Countess Way Year 6 home learning, due for Monday 27th November.

Last week, we began learning about recount writing for Project, to produce a recount piece about the ignite day we had on Fen Street back in September.

Please write your first draft of your ignite recount for home learning, to be in school for Monday. It is very important that everyone has a first draft in school for Monday morning, as we will be re-drafting these in class on Monday and Tuesday, to then hot task on Wednesday. This writing is going to be part of your SATs writing evidence. It is crucial that you can use lessons on Monday and Tuesday for re-drafting, rather than writing a first draft!

Please do use some time over lunch time today and tomorrow to make a start. This is highly recommended, as you will be able to see the working wall and all of the learning we have done so far. We also lots of recount examples in class to help you!

SC – Your recount needs:
– to be able to the events of the Codebreakers ignite day on Fen Street
– written in the past tense
– written in the first person
-interesting details of the day
– to include direct (speech marks) and indirect quotes
– clear paragraphs:
1) introduction: who? what? where? when? why?
2) Main body paragraphs (max of 3): detailed descriptions of events and tasks. Concentrate on how everyone felt doing it.
3) Conclusion: refer back to the introduction and the overall impression of the day.

You can either type your recount and email it to me or you can write it in your home learning book.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.
Miss Snowdon