Due Friday 2nd March – please email to MIss Snowdon directly or to the office at Countess Way.

We have been writing 500 words stories this week. They need to be finished for home learning by next Friday. These will need to be typed and emailed to school.

This writing is an assessment piece of writing so it is of the upmost importance that adults do not have involvement or help you, when you are writing this. The writing you finish will be going in your hot task writing folder towards your SATs writing evidence.

This writing must be in school by next Friday, otherwise it will not be able to count towards your writing evidence.

You will need:

  • The photocopy of your book, with your current draft (if you submitted your stories you are just doing the redrafting part of this task)
  • Finish your current story draft – type up if not already
  • Make sure you have DADWAVERS description throughout
    • Description
    • Action
    • Dialogue
    • Where
    • Adverbial
    • Verb
    • Rhetorical question
    • Simile/metaphor
  • mark using your Y6 ladder (Working towards, At, Greater depth)
  • Grow the greens in a final draft of your writing

Have a lovely weekend

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