Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School

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Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at our new and expanding school. The first building on the block of the Brooklands community development serving Broughton Gate and Brooklands.
Our school building is predominantly glass emphasising our ambition to be connected to the world around us.  We believe in transparency and accountability and again the ability to look inside our school from every direction emphasises our leadership ambition for excellence.  Our school believes in ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ ‘everyone’ learning, we have created spaces to learn in our school that recognises learning in groups, as an individual or within a whole class setting.
As we begin our learning journey we have no idea who will come to learn with us!!  This is extremely exciting and we will leave space to accommodate and weave in all talents and skills.  For this reason our vision statement is – Weaving a Learning Journey.
We believe we will achieve excellence during that learning journey if we –
OPEN – hearts, minds, eyes, ears and dialogue.
GROW – talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge, relationships.
BELIEVE – I can…., we can ………….. and you can…………..
We are all leaders of learning on this journey and please come and join us to share your learning as we will only have a great school if we all run in the same direction.
Maxine Low – Head Teacher

See some of our latest learning below

Year 5 Frozen Planet Ignite!


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Today, Year 5 have had a visit from Oli, an explorer who has ventured through the Arctic. Oli told us exactly what it was like to live in Arctic conditions and told us fascinating stories about how he and his team survived their great expedition! After finding out about him, the children were lucky enough to learn how animals keep themselves warm in Arctic conditions, create global awareness campaigns and produce art work for our environments.

The engagement from the children has been fantastic today!

Well done Year 5!

Character descriptions

Today Year 2 had a visit from Mr Rickett who taught us how important it is to write a clear character description. When we gave him a simple description without any detail, he wasn’t able to draw a very good picture. However, when we gave him a really detailed description he was able to do an amazing drawing of an oompa loompa! This will ignite our invent writing next week!

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