Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School

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Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at our new and expanding school. The first building on the block of the Brooklands community development serving Broughton Gate and Brooklands.
Our school building is predominantly glass emphasising our ambition to be connected to the world around us.  We believe in transparency and accountability and again the ability to look inside our school from every direction emphasises our leadership ambition for excellence.  Our school believes in ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ ‘everyone’ learning, we have created spaces to learn in our school that recognises learning in groups, as an individual or within a whole class setting.
As we begin our learning journey we have no idea who will come to learn with us!!  This is extremely exciting and we will leave space to accommodate and weave in all talents and skills.  For this reason our vision statement is – Weaving a Learning Journey.
We believe we will achieve excellence during that learning journey if we –
OPEN – hearts, minds, eyes, ears and dialogue.
GROW – talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge, relationships.
BELIEVE – I can…., we can ………….. and you can…………..
We are all leaders of learning on this journey and please come and join us to share your learning as we will only have a great school if we all run in the same direction.
Maxine Low – Head Teacher

See some of our latest learning below

One Million Minutes Winners!

This week all the classes on Countess way were taking part in a reading competition to see how many minutes they could read to contribute to a regional challenge which was to see if the region could read up to a million minutes. The competition allowed classes to publish minutes onto a live leader board and track progress across the 7-day challenge. This was a fantastic scheme and the region actually managed a total of nearly 5 and a half million minutes which is an incredible amount!

Firstly I have to say that we have really enjoyed this reading challenge and as a teacher I am competitive by nature and I also saw this as an opportunity to challenge 2D class. in the class there are 5 or 6 who find it hard to be motivated by reading but who are very competitive like myself. One Million Minutes really appealed to them with one child’s mum telling me that one night he read 207 minutes and he never reads normally! The class have been reading incredibly hard and we have centered all of our lessons over the past week around reading with various reading challenges, quiet reading, guided reading and book review type activities. At Brooklands we have a five for reading ethos and everything we teach is reading based from literacy, reading and project and where possible our maths too! We were also competing with Year 3/4 class who pushed us hard and we could hear cheering every time they overtook us on the leaderboard. This really was a brilliant scheme and one that we would consider more frequently in the future! The prize was just the extra incentive we needed! We are so thrilled to have won and because we are a new school and some of our reading pods are growing as we do as a school, they are needing filling and the children of lower KS2, as they will be from Monday, who worked hard on this challenge will get the chance to make their mark on the school for many years to come because of their hard work!

Very well done Year 2 I am a very proud teacher!

Mr Morrison


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Year 4 Reading Song!

A very talented young girl in 4b has written a song all about reading and how important it is to read! Joined by some of her friends in the class, they sang the song in Lower Key Stage 2’s celebration assembly this week. We are all very proud of her and the girls for singing this song and wanted to share this with you all!

Royalty at Brooklands Farm!

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Congratulations to our first children to be recognised for demonstrating our Brooklands British values in an exemplary way. Normally there will be one ‘King’ and one ‘Queen’ but we just couldn’t choose between these two kings!
Miss McDonald is busy making very fancy sashes fit for royalty. They will be ready for next week’s King and Queen to wear with pride!