Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School

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Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at our new and expanding school. The first building on the block of the Brooklands community development serving Broughton Gate and Brooklands.
Our school building is predominantly glass emphasising our ambition to be connected to the world around us.  We believe in transparency and accountability and again the ability to look inside our school from every direction emphasises our leadership ambition for excellence.  Our school believes in ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ ‘everyone’ learning, we have created spaces to learn in our school that recognises learning in groups, as an individual or within a whole class setting.
As we begin our learning journey we have no idea who will come to learn with us!!  This is extremely exciting and we will leave space to accommodate and weave in all talents and skills.  For this reason our vision statement is – Weaving a Learning Journey.
We believe we will achieve excellence during that learning journey if we –
OPEN – hearts, minds, eyes, ears and dialogue.
GROW – talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge, relationships.
BELIEVE – I can…., we can ………….. and you can…………..
We are all leaders of learning on this journey and please come and join us to share your learning as we will only have a great school if we all run in the same direction.
Maxine Low – Head Teacher

See some of our latest learning below

Year 4 – Week 3

Year 4 have had another positive week with their learning. We have all had more than our fair share of sugar this week due to the Roald Dahl themed curriculum tea! Thank you to everyone for their time and effort baking – they were really fantastic.

Highlights this week include:

The beginning of Roman shield making in DT (Fen Street).
Growing our knowledge and understanding of rounding, addition and subtraction.
Developing our understanding of what makes a quality learning environment and having an impact on our own space.
Developing our vocabulary for our Michael Morpurgo character description competition.

Have a lovely weekend Year 4.

Miss Bliss, Miss Cooper, Mr Kerin, Miss Gilders and Miss Courtney

PTA is Making Their Mark on Brooklands Farm

Last week we invited Artist David Bowers in to work alongside some the children, staff and members of Brooklands Farm Friends (PTA) to create mosaics for both Fen Street and Countess Way.  The finished pieces are absolutely amazing and we cannot wait to get them mounted in place!

This wonderful project has been funded by the PTA who have been working very hard since we opened in 2010 to raise funds for the school, please continue to support them.

More photos to follow…

Class 3b Aspirations and Inspirations Homework!

Our transition project this year explored the topic of ‘Inspirations and Aspirations’.

In class 3b the children produced some excellent pieces of homework, setting themselves targets at school and outside of school, as well as recognising the resilience and determination needed to reach our goals. The children thought about their aspirations for now and the future, and shared these with their class. Here are two children from 3b who produced a video for their homework on this topic!

We hope you enjoy!

Miss Russell and Class 3b

Have you ever stored keys in your shoes?

This week Year 4 were lucky enough to meet Stuart Myers. Stuart was born without arms and has overcome every barrier in his life, which the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about.

Highlights included:

  • his adapted car
  • his computer skills
  • his ability to manage a team
  • and how he unlocks his car from his shoe!

His amazing resilience was inspirational for all.

This session concluded our ‘inspiration and aspiration’ topic. Next week we begin our whole school project, looking at how effective our learning environments are.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Cooper, Miss Gilders, Mr Kerin and Miss Bliss

Stuart Myers

Stuart Myers


Year 4 – First week back!

Year 4 have settled back into the Brooklands Family well. This week, we have kicked off the first Talk4Writing sequence with a special visit from Michael Morpurgo’s ‘The Dancing Bear’. The children will be working on their own animal character descriptions over the next few weeks. In maths, we have started looking at place value, negative numbers and sequencing. We are now all ready to read the temperature in December!

We started to discuss the skills we need to become a good or outstanding artist, geographer, or scientist and will continue to look at what skills we would need for other subjects over the next week.

The children have a mixture of maths and spellings to complete for their homework. This is due in on Wednesday.

We are looking forward to seeing the children complete their transition target cards so that they can get stuck into their new Year 4 Achieve target cards. A great week – well done Year 4.

Miss Bliss, Miss Cooper, Miss Courtney, Miss Gilders and Mr Kerin


Transition to Class 3b!

The last 3 weeks have been very busy in 3b! We have done lots of getting to know each other, learning and exploring inspirational people! The children have all settled in wonderfully and have really taken ownership of their classroom. We are all ready and set up to come back in September and start our year 3 learning! Have a great summer 3b!

We all had great fun being involved in using basketball wheelchairs and practising steering, turning and going under bridges!

We also had Kate Gray come in a visit us. She is a Paralympic swimmer who really inspired us all to set ourselves goals, believe in ourselves and others and remember that nothing is possible by always say ‘I can’!

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