Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School

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Welcome to Brooklands Farm Primary School.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at our new and expanding school. The first building on the block of the Brooklands community development serving Broughton Gate and Brooklands.
Our school building is predominantly glass emphasising our ambition to be connected to the world around us.  We believe in transparency and accountability and again the ability to look inside our school from every direction emphasises our leadership ambition for excellence.  Our school believes in ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ ‘everyone’ learning, we have created spaces to learn in our school that recognises learning in groups, as an individual or within a whole class setting.
As we begin our learning journey we have no idea who will come to learn with us!!  This is extremely exciting and we will leave space to accommodate and weave in all talents and skills.  For this reason our vision statement is – Weaving a Learning Journey.
We believe we will achieve excellence during that learning journey if we –
OPEN – hearts, minds, eyes, ears and dialogue.
GROW – talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge, relationships.
BELIEVE – I can…., we can ………….. and you can…………..
We are all leaders of learning on this journey and please come and join us to share your learning as we will only have a great school if we all run in the same direction.
Maxine Low – Head Teacher

See some of our latest learning below

Lantern Making workshops Success

Over the last few days Fen Street and Countess Way have been buzzing with the annual parent and child lantern making workshops. This year has been the busiest yet, hosting two workshops a day on each site.

We have had a lot of creative fun making these colourful lanterns which, for the first time, are going home to bring the Brooklands sparkle to our children’s homes. This is the first step in the journey of the lantern festival being completely at the heart of our community.

Please, Please, Please make sure these beautiful creations are shining bight for all to see in windows, porches, balconies, gardens around Brooklands,  on the 15th at 6pm…

Miss Low will be going out into the community searching for those shining lights of Brooklands at that time and will be filming what she finds!

If you would like to take photos of your work in place with in your homes please send to office@brooklandsfarm.milton-keynes.sch.uk

Huge thanks to all involved!

Dragons Den

We were invited to present our project outcome in a Brooklands Farm Dragon’s Den! We have spent the last few weeks creating our own lunchbox that can be transported to each site along a wire. Our product needed to be waterproof, light and suitable enough to carry Miss Low’s lunch. We spent lots of time reviewing our product and then pitching our ideas to Miss Low and her fellow dragons. They were really excited about our designs and asked us questions that made us think about our next steps in our learning.


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Lighthouses everywhere!

Not only have Year 2 been learning about lighthouses in school and making big pictures of them in art, they have created their own 3D models at home too! Take a look at these incredible creations. A massive thank you for all the help they received in making these!  We have had a mini museum in the classrooms so they could all be shared!

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Singing in Years 5 and 6

Today we have started to learn some new songs ready for our Tree Week performances. We need to be practising these as much as possible to ensure our performances are amazing!

Here are the links to the songs so that we can practise at home!

Robbie Williams – Love my Life

John Lennon – Imagine


Michel Jackson – Man in the Mirror

Year 6 Strong and Powerful Homework

Strong and Powerful Homework

In year 6 we are Strong and Powerful learners, who take ownership of our own learning. To increase our levels of responsibility we have decided to lead our own close the gap home learning journeys.

We have identified the current gaps in our learning in our ‘Close the Gap’ plans with our teachers. We have established whether each of these gaps is something that: we need to be taught by a teacher, can research independently or can practise independently. We have chosen our homework from the research or practise independently columns.

Miss Sheridan and Miss Bold have put together a bank of resources for us to use when we are closing these gaps at home – they will be adding new things to the bank every week. Please find the URL below.


We will see the impact of our personalised close the gap home learning throughout our lessons in school. With our teachers we will be reviewing whether our gaps have been closed. We also have fortnightly spellings and quick maths in our booklets as well. If we come up with any new gaps we need to ask our teachers to put more resources onto the resource bank. 

We are looking forward to having ownership over this learning!