End of KS1 Assessment Information

Please find below the presentation from the Year 2 KS1 Assessment information evening last half term.




Below is a link to the governments information regarding KS1 assessments.



SKIP 2B FIT at Brooklands Farm

Wow! What an amazing and inspirational couple of days working in partnership with SKIP 2B FIT.

All children in our school showed amazing resilience and growth mindset towards improving their own personal bests. We all really enjoyed the motivational competitions between staff and children. Mr Rickett and Mathias are currently our skipping champions – we are looking forward to see if anyone can beat their scores in the future.


Internet Safety Day

Year 2 had an exciting afternoon this week learning about internet safety. They were able to discuss and find lots of solutions to any problems they may have when using the internet. The children then made a jigsaw to share one way we can stay safe on the internet. We have connected all the pieces together as shown in the pictures below. 

Chocolate Experience

Year 2 have had a fantastic week learning lots of facts about chocolate. We really enjoyed our visit from Dawn Fry from The Melting Pot chocolate company and we had a great time tasting a range of different flavoured chocolate! Even the teachers got to try some! We used our creativity as well to make our own chocolate lollipops and design a chocolate bar wrapper.

Check your tapestry to see all the photos from the day!

Year 2 Curriculum Tea

First of all thank you so much to all parents who attended the curriculum tea this week. It was really great to see you all in attendance. We know that some parents have requested that we make the slides available and these can now be found by clicking the link below.

We are really looking forward to working with you over the course of the year.

Many Thanks

The year 2 team

The final week in Year 2!

Wow! What a week to end Year 2! We have been really busy this week with it being Sport week, taking part in sports day, 2 trips to Hazard Alley and getting ready for Year 3! We have all really enjoyed being active and sharing learning across the school. Thank you for all the sponsorship money – we all really enjoyed completing the challenge and worked well as a team.

This week we have focused on understanding the importance of food and exercise in keeping healthy. On Thursday afternoon we got to share our learning with Year 5 by being their ‘personal trainers’. We taught them about healthy food choices and then gave them an exercise programme to follow. The Year 5’s were very shocked when they were asked to do 50 burpies!!

We also really enjoyed sharing out maths games on Friday. Everyone shared their games with people in the class and tried their best to win!

The Year 2 team have loved teaching and getting to know the Year 2’s this year and we wish them every success in Year 3!

A massive well done to all the children that took part in Sports Day. We saw everyone having fun, trying their best and supporting each other. Thank you to all the staff that helped to make this event a success and for all the parents that came to cheer on their children!

The results were very close! Well done to the green team for claiming first place! You all believed in yourself and worked as a team to succeed!

Then an extra well done for blue team for being the best team at opening their hearts to cheer and encourage their team mates. Throughout the practices and the official sports day, we saw red team show lots of resilience and grow their skills in each activity. Yellow team were also very good at believing in each other and cheering on their team.

Well done and thank you to everyone that took part!


Science Investigation

In 2B, we planned an investigation to explore the 3 primary colours and how they combine to form other colours. We took 5 beakers and filled up the 1st, 3rd and 5th beaker with a solution of the 3 primary colours. Inserted folded up paper towels linking all 5 beakers for the fluid to transfer into the empty beakers. This resulted in the primary colours combining to form new colours in the empty beakers.

The aim was to focus on making observations and discussing what may happen (predictions).

We recorded the findings in the form of pictures, video discussions and in our books in the form of diagrams.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working scientifically and were fully immersed into the lessons.