Weaving a journey for an artist at Brooklands Farm



Art and Design Curriculum Intent 2021/22

Learning is a change to long-term memory. Our aims are to ensure that our pupils experience a wide breadth of study and have, by the end of each key stage, long-term memory of an ambitious body of procedural and semantic knowledge in art and design.

Through our art and design curriculum we intend to embrace the Artsmark Quality Principles: Striving for excellence and innovation, being authentic, exciting, inspiring and engaging, ensuring a positive and inclusive experience, actively involving children, enabling personal progression, and developing belonging and ownership.

We believe that everyone is a learner, that children are powerful and should be given every opportunity to grow their talents. We aim to build a legacy through the arts, for the children who attend our school and the community it serves. We grow artistic opportunities throughout our growing school so that every child has positive creative experiences that permeate their learning journeys.

Arts and culture teaching is linked to our termly project themes and threshold concepts so that children develop ideas, master practical skills and take inspiration. We have ‘Ignite’ and ‘Re-ignite’ experiences which are creative, episodic activities to open children’s hearts, minds, eyes, ears and dialogue. We use knowledge webs to grow our talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge and understanding for arts and cultural subjects, across all phases. These form a strong, meaningful schema in a progressional learning journey. Skills are revisited and the use of ongoing sketchbook work underpins this process. Within each of the three Milestones, pupils gradually progress in their procedural fluency and semantic strength through three cognitive domains: basic, advancing and deep. We use Proof of Progress (POP) tasks which show our curriculum expectations in each cognitive domain. Our art and design curriculum helps every child to explore and make connections in other subjects. Our Art and Music Specialist Teachers bring additional creativity to the curriculum.

We have developed positive working partnerships with a range of arts and cultural organisations (such as Artis) which bring additional learning opportunities for the children so that they can apply their arts learning in a wider context. Through our Artsmark journey we are engaged in developing ambitions for arts and culture across the whole setting. Our Creative Team brings knowledge of art, dance, design and technology, drama and music to weave a learning journey in the arts. Children’s art is showcased and displayed effectively throughout the school, and planned arts and cultural events have a high take-up. Our 2019 Summer Brookfest event was visited by at least 3500 people. For the last two years this event has been made virtual and is seen and shared widely amongst  the community.

We know that individuals can change the world. This links to our overall vision that we are weaving a learning journey where the three golden threads of cognition, personal development, and social and emotional health enables children to be the best that they can be to be the difference that they want to see and be in the world.


Year Group Interactive Knowledge Sites

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The Threshold concepts and progression document is here

Whole school art and design curriculum overview

Student gallery of our learning outcomes

Ken Done

Ken Done is an Australian artist that Year 2 have been studying during the spring term 2024. The children weren’t able to have a live meeting with Ken due to the time difference but Ken has kindly created a video answering the children’s questions. Please watch the video here.

Protective characteristics

Subject vocabulary