Weaving a Journey For a Scientist at Brooklands Farm

At Brooklands Farm Primary School we weave our Science  learning journey throughout a broad and balanced curriculum. We follow the National Curriculum, along with nine key principles to deliver  a creative, progressive curriculum. The nine key principles provide the core foundations for our science lessons. Lessons are planned to inspire and challenge children’s scientific understanding and to give them a broad experience of the world around them. We use Snap Science as the core to our lessons, which allows us to plan lessons that build on the children’s prior knowledge and ensure the curriculum is covered. 

We believe that lessons should be practical, using appropriate resources in order for the children to experience what it is like to be a real scientist. This will allow children to have memorable lessons, while increasing their scientific understanding. Children are encouraged to investigate their own questions, with support from the teacher, in order to make their own conclusions. Children can learn from the mistakes they make from their investigations and learn to become resilient and reflective learners. 

To assess the knowledge gained by pupils, we use a combination of Head Start assessments and teacher observations. This two-way approach allows us to see the current stage each child is at and look at their learning journey for the future.

Opportunities are built across all curriculum subjects and our approach ensures that children are empowered to become confident learners and lead fulfilled lives as citizens of our local and their wider communities. 

Year Group Interactive Knowledge Sites

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Science Principles 

Science Principles at Brooklands Farm 

Curriculum Overviews

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