Weaving a journey as a musician at Brooklands Farm

At Brooklands Farm Primary School we weave our music learning journey throughout a broad and balanced curriculum. We follow the National Curriculum and through weaving music into our daily life at Brooklands Farms alongside discrete weekly music lessons, we strongly encourage children to express and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings in a creative way. We use the Charanga music scheme which is based on: listening and appraising; musical Activities — creating and exploring; and singing and performing.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument; to make music with others; to learn to sing and to be exposed to music from a range of genres, cultures and historical periods. Through the discrete teaching of music, children will open their ears and mindsets to actively listen and appraise music using technical vocabulary, being confident and believing in themselves to share their own opinions and thoughts. They will learn and grow their skills in accurately playing a variety of tuned and untuned instruments, including their voice to produce their own music. Children will grow their understanding and knowledge of how music can be created, being taught how to play, read and record their music through the use of non standard symbols and traditional notation, as well as digital technology. The skills of composition and transcription will be revisited and built on each year, allowing children to grow and overlearn these skills. In addition, improvisation is vital allow them the freedom to believe in their own musical skills and abilities to create their own meaningful music. We give every child the opportunity to perform and share their music, from small class performances to whole school musical celebrations and festivals. 

Finally, we believe music can support the building of a community, a common thread in which everyone can connect and grow as individuals and as a group.

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