We ensure that there is clear progression within computing: new knowledge, skills and understanding, that is built upon each year. Children progress from simpler to more complex programming languages, but also build up their conceptual understanding of programming. Opportunities are built across all curriculum subjects and our approach ensures that children are empowered to become confident learners and lead fulfilled lives as citizens of our local and their wider communities. 

Keeping children safe on line is a key priority and one of the best ways to do this is to educate them about the rules they must follow and what the dangers are.

This is built into our curriculum so that the children are taught how to stay safe and to know what to do if they are unsure about something on line.

The school system has a very tight firewall and blocked website filter which is managed by our broadband provider.

At home, however, this is not always the case and if you would like further support and ideas then click here.

The school also works with Simon Aston who is an Online E-safety officer – he provides training for the school and works with children in their classes. He has also attended parent events and has been around to offer advice. This complements the work that we do through our computing curriculum, which has an e-safety element built into each unit. E-Safety is also delivered through our PHSE curriculum throughout the school.

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