This week 3C had the chance to visit the new health centre for our local area which is in the process of being built. With the help of several parent (and grandparent volunteers) we walked from Fen Street to the site where we were kitted out in safety kit including hard, hats, gloves and hard hats – very stylish! After a safety talk we were shown around the building.

We were led by Nick and his colleague who taught us lots of facts about the construction and planned layout of the the building which has cost nearly £8million to build and is due to be finished by June. The centre will include dentists suites as well as Dr’s examination rooms, a minor surgery room complete with a recovery room and even a cafe (with healthy snacks I’m sure). Ambulances will be available outside with a large car park for patients and visitors.

3C showed lots of interest and asked a whole range of interesting questions from “What are all the different coloured wires for?” to “How many bricks were needed to make the building?”. Willmott Dixon did a great job of answering all the questions and even the adults leant a lot from the information they shared.

At the end of the tour, the children were kindly offered a momento of the visit. Many chose a Keyring, while Mrs Kingsman opted for sharpeners. 😀

Thank you so much Willmott Dixon for the opportunity to visit. It was brilliant! 👏🏾

3A became site supervisors for the morning!

Yesterday, the children were really excited to visit the new Willmott Dixon health centre and be some of the first people to see inside the developing building. We had to wear our safety equipment including a hard hat, hi-vis jacket and safety gloves.

The children were very thorough in their questioning, wanting to know how much it was costing, how the building was prepared, how the company chose appropriate sites to build on and what all the different rooms are going to be used for. We were even allowed to look down a VERY deep opening where there will eventually be a lift. The children were very lucky because they were given a little free gift.

What an excellent morning out discovering a building site!

Year 3 Celebrations!

Casting our memory back to before half term, the year 3 children were set a task of learning the story of ‘The Trojan Horse’ and either retelling the story in their own words or using it as inspiration for their own story writing.

We had some amazing entries at Fen Street Year 3 and we would like to say thank you and well done to those children who entered!

These are the winners from 3a, 3b and 3c!

Thank you for your creative stories, great presentation and comedy!



In celebration assembly this week, we also celebrated children who have shown open, grow and believe in their learning!

Well done for your hard work!


SKIP 2B FIT at Brooklands Farm

Wow! What an amazing and inspirational couple of days working in partnership with SKIP 2B FIT.

All children in our school showed amazing resilience and growth mindset towards improving their own personal bests. We all really enjoyed the motivational competitions between staff and children. Mr Rickett and Mathias are currently our skipping champions – we are looking forward to see if anyone can beat their scores in the future.


Year 3’s Working Hard on their Maths Close the Gaps!

Year 3 have been working on practicing using written methods to solve four questions every day. They are given an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This close the gap work is completed in the children’s maths books and each child has a grow sheet to track their progress each day. Importantly, they MUST show their working out – something they have not consistently been doing. This helps eliminate minor errors and is a skill required in later years for SATs and GCSE’s as marks are given for showing working out not just the final answer.

Examples of questions: 

520cm + 193cm =

342 – 139 =

5 x ____ = 40

27 9 =

How you can help your child at home…

Spend 10 -15 mins creating similar style questions and supporting your child to answer these 3-4 times a a week. Short, focused and regular practice will improve your child’s overall skills.

Any questions, please talk to a member of the year 3 team.





Year 3 Spring Term learning

Year 3 have begun learning about the Ancient Greeks. As part of our Ignite day the children took part in a Greek dress up day and participated in a variety of activities, such as creating Greek temples, playing Greek games and learning the Greek myth Pandora’s Box to ignite our learning. 

In our maths lessons we have been exploring methods to solve multiplication problems. We had lots of fun creating arrays to work out our questions.

Homework for this week

Y3 Spring Week 2 Homework

Happy New Year from all of the Year 3 team!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. Thank you for all of your support last term and for supporting your children to produce wonderful project homework over such a busy two weeks off!

Below is the link to this weeks homework. We are focusing on time and recapping what the children learnt in year 2.

There are 2 pages.

Page 1 is less challenging and just covers what was learnt in year 2.

Page 2 challenges the children to problem solve and read the time in a range of intervals.

Year 3 Maths Homework – Spring Week 2