Amazing Ignite in Year 6

We had an incredible Ignite day on Wednesday in Year 6. We traveled back to WW2 and the time of the codebreakers. We got to meet Neville Chamberlain, experience what it was like to keep a secret as a code breaker; crack some codes in an interview for Bletchley Park; research and discuss rationing and be a member of the war cabinet discussing where Station X should be placed in the UK! Have a look at our photos to see what an amazing day we had.


Strong and Powerful Year 6 Homework

What an amazing first week in Year 6!

This week we have begun to read the story ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher.

For homework this week we would like the children to sketch/create a picture of Mr Sir from the description given in the story (see picture below)

Remember to use the information and clues given in the text to create your picture – you could even label your sketch with quotes and evidence to support what you have drawn.

Don’t forget to go onto hit the button (times table games) and also mathletics over the weekend as well.

Homework just for this week is due in on Thursday 13th July as some children are on residential on the Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend.




Year 6 Residential Day 2

Everyone had an amazing time yesterday. All of the children went on the high ropes in the morning. It was lovely to have all of the children on the same activity at once, so that the adults got to work with all of the children. In the afternoon, group one went fencing and then were set a challenge in the maze. Group two went kayaking and then had to walk the plank. After dinner, we went into the sports hall where we had hired two enormous bouncy castles. We held a very competitive relay race around the obstacle course, surprisingly both teams finished neck and neck. The children finished the evening with a quiz before bed. All of the children drifted off to sleep much quicker than they did the first night.

The children are having an amazing time!


Year 6 Residential Day 1


The coach was filled with excitement yesterday as we pulled into the Frontier centre. We quickly dropped off our bags and had an early lunch before setting off to Stanwick lakes, where the children had a great time playing on the climbing frames. Luckily the weather was kind to us and we only had a really light sprinkle while we were there.

Once we were back at the Frontier Centre, we split the children into two groups. Group one got the opportunity to walk the plank and go kayaking. All of the children enjoyed these activities and Miss Sheridan and myself managed to have a good giggle!

Group two went straight onto the King Swing and then went fencing. The children were absolutely buzzing when they returned from the King Swing and said it was incredible.

The children all finished their dinner and then made their way down to the campfire (which we struggled to get going!).  Mr Crawford was determined to get the fire started so a few children put on a show for us whilst we waited for the flames to heighten.

We had a great day yesterday and are all looking forward to today’s adventure!

(Due to limited internet availability, we seem to be struggling to upload photos. We will try our best to add one or two over the next couple of days)

Brookfest preparations in Year 6!

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard this week to learn and perfect their singing and actions to their songs for Brookfest! They have performed two of these songs in front of the whole school!

For their homework this week we would like all of year 6 to learn the lyrics to our 3 songs:

What do I know – Ed Sheeran

Worlds Greatest – R Kelly

That Power – Will.I.Am and Justin Beiber

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bold, Miss Sheridan and Mrs Hern